#HideTheBags: Christmas gifts for those hard to buy for fellas

It’s the same every single Christmas. Kids gifts are sorted in one 10 minute session online, and Mums, sisters, aunties I could shop for all day long. But when it comes to the men in my life (by that, please be assured I have only one MAN but three ‘Dads’, several brothers, uncles and brother in laws) I struggle every single time.

If I asked my husband for inspiration, he seems to always come back with the same things – remote control helicopters and zombie DVDs. I mean, I know Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars and all that, but is that what guys really want under their Christmas tree?

My fail safe option is normally to go down the route of clothes. I think, it’s generally well received by blokes who (if anything like my relations) would rather climb down the chimney than go clothes shopping. I’m guessing by the number of new socks Mr.G gets each year I am not alone in this line of thought.

So, now Halloween and the last family birthday of the year are out of the way, it’s time to get cracking on my christmas shopping. With 31 people on my immediate family list alone, it’s no easy task.

I’ve already been having a mooch online (browsing department stores with toddlers is not really my thing at any time of year, least of all in the Christmas chaos) and here are a few of my favourite bits from House of Fraser so far.


DadHowick Tailored 7 pack mono Hankies. Hankies are synonymous with my Dad. He’s the only person I have ever known to use them, and they’ll forever remind me of him. As a little girl, a hormonal teenager, and even as a grown up his cuddles have always gone hand in hand with a clean hanky from his pocket to wipe away my tears. He’s probably the hardest to buy for in my family but this would be a lovely idea along with a bottle of his favourite designer Gin.


The Father-In-LawCalvin Klein Heather Golf Half zip. As a retired man of leisure, I know this designer Golf jumper will get well used by my Father-In-Law. As he is our fourth emergency service he really deserves something special.


The BroOriginal Penguin logo Beanie. As an avid sports fan, and daily commuter, this is the perfect gift for keeping his head toasty in the chilly months. He’ll appreciate the subtle designer element too.


The HubbyUgg Ascott slippers. Now he’d never say he wanted these. But he never said he wanted the skinny leg jeans that year either, and he never looked back. I have a pair of Ugg slippers now 18 months old and they are honestly the most heavenly slippers ever. Time to share the love.


The Brother In Law:Polo Ralph Lauren 2 pack Argyle socks. When there is nothing else, there is always socks. But, when is opening a boring old pair of socks a little more exciting? When they’ve a tiny designer brand logo stitched onto them. Not something you’d buy yourself, and for the man with a penchant for the good stuff in life, it’s a little bit of luxury.

So there’s a start…hope it helps! Please forward me any gift idea posts via twitter…Only 26 to go…but then there is always remote control helicopters.



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