#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep

There is something about the change of season which makes your soul sing and your ability to resist a bargain go down the drain.Jumpers, jeans, boots. Dresses with tights, mustard tones and a new pair of kicks…I didn’t stand a chance on the weekly food shop really did I? The folk who introduced Mum clobber to the supermarket aisles really was onto a winner, and I have to say, this last month I’ve been unable to resist.

So, here are my fave picks of the Tesco & Sainsburys raid that may or may not have taken place in our household… Bags hidden, new gear definitely out and proud on display…

F&F Embroidered Bishop Sleeve Jumper - Grey

Tesco F&F Bishop Sleeve Embroidered Jumper (£30). It always makes me laugh how a supermarket buy over £20 seems ooh a bit pricey…but this, I just had to have it. I’d pay twice this in a high street store and I just cannot wait until that late afternoon sunshine gives way to a bit of frost and it’s finally cold enough to snuggle up in it.

F&F Leopard Print Glitter Toecap Plimsolls - Black & Brown

F&F Leopard print Glitter toe cap plimsolls (£14 down to £7). In contrast to the spend up on the jumper, these shoes are an instamum dream. Animal print. Glitter. Bargain. I may only have a few more weeks of these babies until the boots take primary position at the top of the shoe mountain by the door, but at the price of a Tea and cake at the garden centre, who cares.

F&F Cross-Strap V-Neck Top - Mustard

F&F cross strap V neck top, mustard. (£8.00). I don’t know if it was the shoes, or the easy wearing style, but I was literally on a HUNT for something mustard colour to accidentally jump in my trolley. Taking my wardrobe palette straight into this season at a bargain £8, what Mum doesn’t love a boyfriend fit Tee.

Navy Denim Pinafore Dress

Tu at Sainsburys Navy Denim Pinafore Dress (£22 down to £16.50). I so badly want a pair of decent dungarees..but with a bit of hesitation over whether I can actually pull that look off, here is a perfect middle grounder. The dungaree dress…currently being teamed with a bardot breton but I’ll be wearing this right through the winter with warmer layers, tights and boots. I love a denim dress but the tightness round the arms can be a real Mumprob, so this design is practical as well as current. Love.

Dark Red Texture Dress & Tights (0-24 months)

Tu at Sainsburys Dark red texture dress and tights (£12 down to £9). So, we had a family event…and in all honesty I hadn’t tackled the wardrobe change over (involving loft, laundry and death by hangers) so I cheated and went for something new. Having a small for her age almost three year old means we still have the ability to raid the baby section top end. I love an autumnal tunic with cream textured tights. This was worn with a fur gilet and chelsea boots – nothing says autumn more, so cute.

Mutlicoloured Dress And Leggings Set (3-14 years)

Tu at Sainsburys. Multicoloured dress and leggings set. (£13 down to £9.75). When it comes to our five year old, she has (thankfully) seemed to have emerged from the ‘pink and fluffy clothes ONLY’ stage and I’m loving the chance to buy her some cool clothes. Shooting up, it’s a good excuse to pick up some new bits and with a pair of black leggings thrown in, this outfit will get worn to death – parties, playdates, christenings. Cool yet pretty, smart yet comfy. It was a major hit with her (especially the butterflies).


Tu at Sainsburys Fur lined Navy embroidered HIgh Tops. I’m not exaggerating when I say I went into Sainsburys three times to try and get my hands on those black leopard print boots in her size (and mine) but eventually admitted defeat and succumbed to the blue florals. Probably more ‘her’ than the leopard ones I was dreaming of…perfect for every occasion and drawing in all the compliments (mainly from Mums asking if they do them in their size).

Woodland Print Nightshirt

Tu at Sainsburys Woodland Print Nightshirt (£14 down to £10.50). No autumn round up would be complete without New PJs would it? Or is that just me? Autumn was made for nights by the log fire, watching X Factor and Strictly. New PJs = essential, right?


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20 thoughts on “#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep

  1. The Mummy Bubble Reply

    Oh my god, those floral high tops! I am going to buy them, love them so much! That jumper at the top is gorgeous too, such great picks x #coolmumclub

  2. Jo - Mother of Teenagers Reply

    Love the leopard skin pumps with the glitter toes. I think I remember admiring them on your instagram feed on Saturday. Also loving the denim dress. Autumn is my favourite season clothes wise. Lots of layers, boots, thick tights. What’s not to like? So much better than all the summer fashions. Thanks for sharing. #coolmumclub

  3. Donna (@bobsysmum) Reply

    I’m so in love with that dress! I got a skirt from TU last week which I love. Their autumn range is great this year! #coolmumclub

  4. RawChildhood Reply

    omg I love those leopard print trainers from F&F! Down to £7 you say.. I may have to have a gander! haha #coolmumclub

  5. Frilly Pretty Things Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tesco jumper and good old Saino’s for that pinafore dress. Always find some brilliant purchases in my local shop and end up spending way more in the clothing and home section that the food Knew there was a reason why the husband has been suggesting online supermarket shops #coolmumsclub

  6. oldhouseintheshires Reply

    I’m loving the leopard print plimsolls too! Thanks for sharing. #coolmumclub

  7. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    I recognise those trainers! I love the dungaree dress too. #coolmumsclub

  8. Aleena Brown Reply

    OMG I love autumn shopping… I sort of blew the budget in the first week or so though, and now I’m left coveting EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! Haha! Great steals here. #coolmumclub

  9. mummyhereandthere Reply

    I love them leopard print trainers X #coolmumclub

  10. Wendy Reply

    I love that grey jumper and the dungaree dress. You are so right that autumn nights are all about the Pjs xx #coolmimclub

  11. thesingleswan Reply

    I love the leopard print plimsols. They are really nice. Pen x #coolmumclub

  12. absolutely prabulous Reply

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I bought a pair of Pumas when I was over last weekend and they hurt so have been given to my 13yo (yep she fits into my shoes!). I then spent AGES scouring Amazon and can’t find anything under 40 quid. See we may have the sun here in Malta but we don’t have Sainsburys or Tescos! #coolmumclub

  13. Winnettes Reply

    I love the changing seasons for clothes. I want ALL of the shoes in this roundup #coolmumclub

  14. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Loving that embroidered sweater…love a bit of supermarket chic! xoxo #coolmumclub xoxo

  15. Nicola Bromley Reply

    Love love love a supermarket clothing haul! You can’t go wrong! I would say if my clothing isn’t Primark then it’s tesco or Sainsburys! In fact I’m sitting here in my new PJ bottoms from Tesco as I write this! #coolmumclub

  16. Charlotte Stein Reply

    I love the pumps and high tops! Your bargains meant that the slightly overpriced jumper was justified My wardrobe seems to consist mainly of supermarket clothing these days it’s just so much easier to grab a few pieces whilst in there than to find high street time! #coolmumclub

  17. Helen Reply

    I do love autumn fashion but have to not look in the supermarket as I know I will end up buying something!

  18. The Queen of Collage Reply

    Like you I have a small for her age child. This type of dress would be perfect on her or her sister. I also love the mustard coloured clothing. #coolmumclub

  19. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    I love a good supermarket haul. Those floral high tops are gorgeous, I’ll be keeping a look out for them!

  20. Mrs Lighty Reply

    I’ve been eyeing up the embroidered Tesco jumper this week! It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I may also have the Tu pinafore dress from last year…! Lovely selection! #coolmumclub

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