Hide The Bags #5: It’s Christmas!

Okay, okay…so it’s not quite Christmas but we are DEFINITELY now in December and that means all you Mums and Dads are probably busy scouring the shops and the web for those special gifts to make the big day magical. Some of you won’t have started, and some of you will smugly be admiring your parcels already wrapped, stockings stuffed. Either way, there will definitely be a lot of hiding of bags going on in homes everywhere.

If like me, you’ve been in training for this all  year by hiding your own accidental purchases, you’ll be fine.

This is such a special post to write…#hidethebags has so far been filled with sneaky treats for Mummy, but there has never been more joy in bag hiding than at this time of year. It is so true that to give means so much more than to receive. Never have we loved giving more, than when seeing the smiles on your own children’s faces on Christmas morning, hopefully.

Coming from a humungous family (with three sets of Grandparents), and having a second daughter, we have really, really struggled with ideas this year. Bike, kitchen, trampoline, scooter, camera, tablet have all been done over the birthdays and Chrimbos before. Our house is overflowing with books, toys, clothes, so we have really held back on the spending for spendings sake.

Here’s a few of the favourite bits I’ve found so far. Have fun shopping…try not to stress…and remember they don’t understand the concept of value yet…so make the most of it 😉

1.Christmas Day dresses. Zara kids. £19.99 / £10.99 (Images courtesy of www.zara.com)

image image

I know some parents who don’t buy in to giving clothes as presents. Although I do love picking up the girls every day bits and pieces throughout the year, courtesy of Sainsburys mostly, Christmas is a time for something special. As a child I always unwrapped a special outfit for Christmas Day from under the tree. The whole family would be dressed up in our new finery, at home for a glam Christmas Day. I will forever picture my Mum getting the Turkey out of the oven dressed in a sparkly embellished dress. If you can’t look lovely for Christmas, when can you?

I have learnt already, that there isn’t much point in getting the crushed velvet Christmas dresses, both girls had for their first Christmas, so now we opt for something more ‘wearable’. Having just discovered Zara kids, I was spoilt for choice. I did finally decide on these two dresses which will get plenty of wear.

2. Jumpers. Zara kids. £12.99 / £12.99 (Images courtesy of www.zara.com)

image image

Told you I had discovered Zara kids. So, we’ve established a Christmas outfit is a necessity…but something a little more every day needs to sneak in there too. I couldn’t resist these two cosy jumpers. I  bought a little larger so they should get good use. Buy online to experience the Zara packaging porn. If you like that kind of thing…you’ll be in carbboard box heaven.

3. Dolls house, ASDA, £35 (Image courtesy of www.ASDA.com)


If you’re looking for the wow factor gift, but don’t want the WTF factor price tag, this one is a gem. Big box, big dolls house, small price. Tigs is at the stage where any type of miniature figure and house will entertain her for hours. She is just going to love this. Also available equally bargaintastic accessories.

4. Personalised Santa Sack, Not on the highstreet, £22 (Image courtesy of www.notonthehighstreet.com)


I’ve been lusting after these Santa sacks for years. As we are pretty sure the family is now complete, we invested in a couple of these  which will see the girls through a childhood, or even lifetime, of Christmases. Bit posher than the pillowcases I had as a child, but along the same nostalgic line.

5. Happy land fantasy castle, ELC, £40 (reduced to £20). (Image courtesy of www.elc.co.uk)


Who doesn’t love a bit of happyland? Fit for any age group, played with for years, and sibling safe (Eldest can play with baby safely chewing on heads etc).  It’s a tough job to resist trying to own the whole collection! Having learnt that girls seem to have an undeniable affinity to pink, princesses and make believe, we think this princess castle will still be played with by dangermouse when the rest of the happyland has long gone. I got it at a bargain half price too.

6. Tall tape, Memoriesofgrowingup.co, £10.99 (Image courtesy of www.memoriesofgrowingup.com)


I spotted this on our very own #coolmumclub Linky last week courtesy of somethingcrunchymummy. Thanks for the tip! A gorgeous unique stocking filler that not only the girls will love, but we’ll treasure too.  I’ve pinned this to my brilliant baby stuff board as it’d make a great baby shower, new baby or christening gift too.

10. Elsa singing doll with microphone, £34.99, Argos (picture courtesy of www. Argos.co.uk)


A late addition to the ever growing pile of boxes…we felt Tigs presents needed a little something else…so a quick look at the top presents list brought us to this little number. It took some convincing Mr G, mainly because we already have a number of ‘Let it Go’ playing toys…that drive him mad. Us girls, well we never get sick of it! You can buy it here.

11. Hippychick Wheelybug Mouse, small, £44.99, Whinstanleys pramworld


We had pretty much decided on getting Dangermouse the ladybird wooden ride on by Wheelybugs…and whilst scouring for a bargain online, stumbled across this little number which was just MADE for her. Dangermouse (on mouse) on wheels. It’s going to be fun…it could be even more regrettable than the singing Elsa doll…BUT it’s Christmas, she’ll love it, and that is what it’s all about.

Have fun spoiling them rotten. And make sure you #hidethebags better than ever!


Do you have any ideas for small girls for Christmas? What are you getting your kids this year? Do you go mad? Or is less more?…

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