Afterlife; Strolling out of lockdown like…

Make no mistake, we as a family are still on full lockdown alert. Give or take a couple of garden grandparent visits, the social situ is still at ground zero. Which is totally fine, after all, the most important thing right now is to keep safe.

There does however seem to be a sensation that we are being encouraged to take baby steps, tentatively into the new normal. Schools reopening, businesses encouraged to get trading and even talk of holiday destinations being viable for summer holidays this year.

So it’s inevitable, we are starting to imagine life after lockdown; Dinner with friends, barbecues with family, milestone birthday celebrations and perhaps, babysitter permitting, even a date night.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. Who would have thought that in such a small period of time, being sociable with our wider circles would feel so alien?

Whilst mass gatherings are still a huge no go, it’s certain that parties and celebrations remain firmly on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all hope for a future when being with those we love, who we laugh with and who make fun times so special, might return, and with even more poignancy.

It will be an amazing moment when we step out of the house for the first time in heels and make up, with a clutch bag and posh perfume on a entirely guilt free non essential trip. But as we all know at the very being of what makes us human, it is ironically, so very essential.

We have had a few invites already for the impending social life after lockdown, and thanks to an invitation to sample some dresses from Femme Luxe Finery, I’m good to go and hoping I don’t have to find a face mask to match my outfit.

In all honesty, since March I’ve been getting used to life in joggers. Perhaps a little bit too much, so even trying these dresses on made me feel a million dollars – maybe I should get on board the dressing up to bit the bins out brigade.

I chose two bodycon dresses in my bundle; a wine belted wrap midi bodycon dress with bell sleeves (Angelica), and a black one shoulder padded bodycon dress (Unice). The model on the site is probably half my age and with the figure of a glamour model so I was a little unsure how the designs would look on my 39 year old mum bod, but needn’t have worried.

I think when it comes to bodycon dresses, the trick is to wear them with confidence, embrace your curves and make sure you have the right underwear!

The black one shoulder dress is a total winner – edgy yet classic, that could be worn to dinner, dancing or even a restaurant. The sewn in shoulder pad isn’t going anywhere and with a cracking pair of heels and hair up, this would be a look that could last years.

I also love the fact that you can wear a normal bra with it, avoiding the dreaded strapless bra requirement.

With a small zip at the back neckline, and a thick stretchy fabric, I can’t wait to wear this later this year.

The second dress is a wine cross over style which can be worn off the shoulder, or if needing a more conservative look, higher up to bring the neckline into a closer V-shape.

The bell sleeves and belt details bring the dress into into a more flamboyant style dress, and the colour is rich and full bodied.

This is a dress I could imagine wearing to dinner or even a formal event; it feels covered up enough to suit a more demure occasion, yet with fun and colour to suit someone young at heart.

As well as the two dresses, I have broken up my jeans wearing marathon with an alternative that can be worn both now and in life on the outside. These black combat skinny trousers are stretchy enough to be loungewear at home, the perfect combo with a pair of pumps and a T shirt for a bit of outdoor activity, or even teamed with heels and a top for an alternative ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo trip to the pub with the girls.

I love the elasticated cuff hems and high waist cut – thank god the low slung version as seen on All Saints was phased out way before my post kids body.

All in all, for the price (bargain) I think these three wardrobe classics will see me through some good times in the future. They are classic enough to get a thorough wearing, should the government guidelines allow (pleeeease) and above all else, they made me feel fabulous again. I’ve missed my friends, and I’ve missed getting dressed up to the nines too.

Let’s hope we can do it again soon.


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