5 looks other people can pull off

In the last couple of years I would definitely say I’ve found my stride when it comes to dressing in a way that makes me feel, well, like me. I guess that’s partly due to some of the inspiring influencers I’ve followed and given me the encouragement to wear the things that make me smile, as opposed to making me blend in – something I was definitely guilty of in my twenties.

So I’m wearing the things I love, but I gotta be honest here, feeling confident in that skin is a work in progress. Anyone else guilty of going for it with some looks and feeling like you don’t have the same swag as how you imagined it to be?!… Wanting to master that casual trendy look but inside feeling a bit of a plonker?


I wanted dungarees so badly for ages, and having been gifted a voucher which burnt a hole in my pocket for far too long, I invested in a pair of fat Face Dungarees. Relaxed fit, not too tight, rolled up hems and a loose boyfriend cut. The thing is, despite wearing them often, I still have to joke all day about the children’s presenter look. Teaming them up with brights and stripes seems to exacerbate the CeeBeebies effect, but I’m laughing along with you – and that’s no bad thing.


Shoes with no socks

Okay, it seems in the last decade it’s become totally uncool to have warm ankles. I can just about tolerate an ankle grazer and flip flops in the summer, but come September and the drop in temperature and I seriously need to get some cotton between my toes and a leather upper. It also baffles me how a whole generation can rock a pair of converse with no socks, when even with socks my canvas plimsolls ripped my heel to pieces. What’s the secret?


Midi skirts and sweaters

Ah the style of the thirty something. A glorious swishy midi skirt teamed with a sweatshirt, preferably emblazoned with bright colours and or sparkles, and even better still a lightening bolt or slogan. It’s a solid look on EVERYONE ELSE but whenever I’ve given this look a twirl, I can’t help but think it looks like I got dressed in the dark? And does anyone elses skirts constantly stick to the static on their tights? Aargh?!


Leopard print coat

Last Christmas I squealed with delight when I unwrapped a oh so trendy leopard print faux fur coat. Despite being a little (a lot) in love with this must have item for 2018/19 it just hasn’t made it out of the wardrobe half as much as it should have. Maybe it was the tongue in cheek comment from my Mum about looking like a hooker, or the self declared feeling like Bet Lynch, but it’s safe to say I doubt I’ll be rocking the look on the school run anytime soon.


The headscarf wrap

Another style I so wanted to go for – the messy hair up saviour; a fabric head scarf. Spotted and purchased from Evie Michelle online and was sooo beautiful, exactly what I was looking for. Mastering the messy thrown together look took some effort, and even then, it was strange getting used to. Taking the steps to get out and about wearing this bold look was a case of mind over matter and I survived! Yes people made funny comments, but I’m styling it out – smile and the whole world smiles with you 😉


Ultimately, I love embracing the ‘anything goes’ generation. You really do only live once, and life is far too short to dress in camouflage. Well, unless it’s an oversized camo jacket that is…



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