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In the past twelve months I have prioritised my physical and mental health in a way that I should have been doing for a very long time. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy, quitting booze, and increasing my exercise routine so that running has become a regular feature, not just an occasional fad. Those changes definitely helped me get on the road to better mental health too, alongside the therapy I accessed through Mind in 2019.

As a consequence of all of these steps, my weight has dropped, mentally I feel in a whole better place and physically I feel more toned, but my almost forty year old body has needed a little more TLC.

Just before we travelled to the U.S.A last April, I had a sudden pain in my lower back whilst strapping the kids into the car on the school run. I’d just completed a 40K in 4 week challenge, and unable to move (and with just 36 hours until we travelled), I sought out some emergency advice from a local Osteopath who was recommended by a family friend; Elliott of Revitalize Clinic in Gravesend, Kent.

The treatment I received from Elliott not only alleviated the immediate pain, but encouraged me to trust my own body and to understand the way in which I reacted to the injury. By building up strength with tailored exercises, emailed over in a plan, I was able to focus on the site of pain for a short period every day, and learn to relax and allow my body to let go of tension for the rest of the time.

After four months or so of monthly sessions, we mutually agreed to conclude my treatment , but that wasn’t the last we saw of Revitalize.

Our eldest daughter has, in the last year or so been having some acute pain as a result of severe toe walking; the diagnosis for which we have been pushing for through the NHS and privately with little results, and certainly none in the pipeline now…

After a quick chat with Elliott, he agreed to see and treat our eight year old, helping us to strengthen her joints and tendons, and offering support at a time we were unable to access it through the NHS. Elliot was not only gentle and reassuring to her and us, but he was an affordable, and most importantly, accessible option.

Our relationship as a family with Revitalize has gone from strength to strength, and I recently returned to Elliot to seek some osteopathy for a over zealous gardening related injury.

As the follow up approached, and the Covid-19 lockdown came in, Elliot sought a new and innovative way to ensure the clients remain able to access his treatments; video link consultancy.

Aside from the physical manipulations which were not possible, the 45 minute session I received was both beneficial and informative – offering me ways to alleviate my symptoms using items I had to hand (and the kids running round beneath my feet).

As always, Elliott offered a personable and informative consultancy and the reassurance to work through the discomfort in the supervision of an expert was as always, second to none.

There is a reason Revitalize won Small Business of the year 2019 in the Gravesham Business awards, and it is Elliott and his teams’ constant commitment to reach and support his patients in achieving a goal of being pain free.

Aside from Osteopathy, Elliott and the team can offer a multitude of services from counselling to personal training, and with the challenge that Coronovirus 2020 has brought his, like many small businesses, comes a silver lining that Revitalize can now offer their services without the constraints of geographical location.

As a long term customer of Revitalize, it was only a matter of time before I gave these guys a well deserved shout out, but now, with the timing and their new chapter, it’s perfect to let anyone missing their usual sports therapy, physio, therapy or osteopathy, that there is a solution available, wherever you are.

And you guys who have overdone the #PEwithJoe, I’m looking at you.


From Elliott Reid, Founder and director of Revitalize Clinic

At Revitalize, we’re obsessed with eradicating pain and enabling people to reach their full potential. Over 5500 patients with a 5* rating and this has been our most exciting week yet. Due to COVID-19 we are only just realising how effective our services are via video call (osteopathy, physiotherapy, counselling, personal training, herbal medicine).
For example; Sarah presented to myself with mid to lower back pain after doing a lot of digging. This commonly effects the extensors and rotators of the spine which can be seen below. 

With a little more digging and asking her to perform certain basic movements I could also see that the underlying joints were painful on compression and likely inflamed. 
Normally, face to face, I would spend time loosening these areas off myself. But by teaching Sarah to do the same with simple house hold objects like a tennis ball and a foam roller, not only does she receive the benefit of treatment, she can also “take a dose of her own medicine” whenever she feels the need to throughout the day. 

Simple exercises like these below can be performed at home for pain relief 

Self massage with a tennis ball –

Spinal joint articulation –

We then made time to work on strengthening these muscles for future use so Sarah is less susceptible to injuries like this in future.

Sarah has faith that one treatment will do it and I do too, especially since she now knows how to control her own pain
We’re offering free video diagnosis and for video consultation, 100% money back guarantee.

If you need me, just email me
Elliott Reid (M.Ost)Osteopath and Founder of the Revitalize Clinic

As always, I paid for my services with Revitalize, and will continue to do so to support this fantastic local business at the heart of our community.

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