Wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes

Wellbeing. It’s a 21st century buzz phrase that gets used all over with little consideration. But what exactly does wellbeing mean to you? To me? To each other?

But what is it all about? Wellbeing? Does it immediately make you think of mental health? Of being super fit and healthy? Of being financially well off or socially thriving?

The formal definition of wellbeing encompasses all of these things, and is ultimately a term which summons the focus of attention to taking care of ones self to be in the best place on all levels both physically and mentally.

So how does this into steps which prioritise and support our wellbeing?

For this, there really is no one size fits all answer.

Just as we are all unique, with our own personal circumstances, preferences and need, so are the actions which cocoon our wellbeing and fill up our tank.

For some, their soul may thrive on regular interactions with friends and family, but to another, time alone in total silence may be the dose of magic formula.

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And in the same breath, I may NEED to feel the endorphin rush of a 10K run, whilst you may need to put your feet up and do absolutely zilch for a while. Both are valid, and both are acts of looking after your wellbeing.

Whilst job satisfaction may be in security and climbing the corporate ladder, to another, success may come in the shape of independence and being ones own boss.

Perhaps for someone with mobility challenges, wellbeing could take the form of a wheelchair upgrade, to ease their ability to get out and about more. Something like these powered wheelchairs from Fenetic Wellbeing.

A little bit of what you fancy certainly does you good; whether thats a protein and chia smoothie or a Big Mac and fries. Both are valid, both can be enjoyed in balance, and both can give us a boost of positivity should we need it in any given moment.

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A bubble bath with candles and panpipes may be the polar opposite to an ACDC tribute gig, but if either one makes your shoulders relax, and takes away the tension, then both are wellbeing rituals in their own rite.

The process of taking off your heels and make up can be equally as important as putting them on when it comes to recognizing what you need and how you feel.

Woman in Pink Sports Bra and Black Leggings Doing Yoga on Yoga Mat

So whether your wellbeing call is 90 minutes on the pitch, a session of guided meditation, or a stroll through woodlands, it is irrelevant.

What is important is that you listen to your heart and your mind, ask it what it NEEDS to feel good, and make the time to make it happen.


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