This summer holiday I choose happy

Looking on the bright side hasn’t always come easy to me. In fact, let’s just put it out there, I love a good old moan up. But, this is something I’m trying hard to work on; to be a little bit more positive and sunny towards the day to day stuff that needn’t be such a drama.

The start of the summer holidays is a time when I could really go to town on a major whinge fest. Thinking back to last year, despite celebrating the break from the normal routine, it didn’t take long for me to feel a bit hard done by that I had six whole weeks with the kids to entertain them, separate the fights and not lose my mind.

It rained on the days we had park plans, the kids were a handful, blogging commitments had to be squished around late bedtimes and it was too hot.

This year the holidays are here again but life looks a little different. I’m back at work and our term time childcare arrangement leaves a big six week hole in our plans.

Despite celebrating the break in school runs on my two days off a week, navigating my first summer in a long time as a working parent (albeit part time) isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

So the opportunities to get the violins out are plentiful. I’m missing out on loads of summer fun, I have a childcare schedule that brings on a migraine just thinking about it, and I’m going to have to drag the kids out of bed to deliver them here there and everywhere at silly o’clock whilst I head to the office. Plus I can kiss any alone time goodbye until September. Goodbye self care regime.

But do you know what, I’m not falling for it this year. I refuse to focus on the negatives when we have climbed a mountain to reach this place. I am focusing on all the great things that our bloody lovely blighty summer has to offer and I’m soaking up the gratitude in every possible place I can find it.

So here’s to….

Six weeks of no homework, no school run and no washing uniform.

LOVING my new job and refusal to get drawn into the work slump already!

Working part time, so I have two whole days with the girls to have loads of summer fun.

Two weeks annual leave to enjoy with my family.

The best weather of the year. Probably.

The girls are having the BEST time and making loads of memories with loads of people who love them.

Being relieved of the pressure of providing every second of summer entertainment.

Good health and a roof over our heads, under which we can stay all day in our PJs if we want to.

Being surrounded by people who want to help (and have the back up of the loveliest childminder we could have asked for).

Bringing balance to our family unit, and sharing the weight of it all with Dad Muddling Through.

Try it, it feels good.


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