Things Children Can Teach Grownups: The Healing Power of Play

If you’re ever feeling stressed out, or just plain unhealthy, there’s an inspirational source of healing that you may not have thought to look at before: children.

Have you ever watched children play? They make it seem so effortless and fun that it’s a wonder adults ever stopped doing the same in the first place. But, life gets in the way and many adults lose their sense of play. Fortunately, you can always get it back! With a little effort and practice, you can relearn how to make exercising a fun and constant part of your life. Not only will you feel better, you may find yourself enjoying life more. Here’s a few ways to get play back into your life.

Join a Sports Team

Sports teams aren’t just for kids and professionals. There are plenty of adult-oriented sports leagues that cater to people who work 9 to 5 jobs and have families. Game are usually played once or twice a week on the weekdays, so you can still have the weekends to spend with your family.

Most cities and towns have at least one or two recreational adult sports leagues, like softball, basketball, volleyball and even kickball. Any one of these will not only get you out of the house and moving, but it will also help you find other adults like you, who are looking for ways to have fun and stay in shape.

Challenge Friends

One thing you’ll always hear on a playground: “I bet you can’t do this!” Kids are always challenging each other to see who can what, and you should be no different. If sports aren’t your thing, find a friends or two to do an exercise challenge.

You can choose anything from who can run the fastest mile to who can do the most push ups in one minute. Making a game out of exercise is a great way to keep it fun. You can even have the loser buy lunch if you want to make it interesting! The key is to have fun so you’ll look forward to exercising a few times every week. Before you know it, you’ll be in better shape and feel better too.

Get Creative

Kids don’t just use physical play to have fun, they also find creative ways to play.

Adults can take a page or two from kids when it comes to creativity. Oftentimes, adults lose the simple pleasure of drawing or painting, but it shouldn’t be so.

In fact, coloring has been making a comeback with adults over the last few years, and with today’s mobile technology, you can even find time to color on your smartphone or tablet with apps like this mandala coloring book app for android. Just taking a few moments to color a picture every once in awhile can improve you play, which will carry over into your exercise routines.

Take notes from children and learn to play again!

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