The Oddities About Lockdown Fitness

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Gyms reopened last months to British fitness enthusiasts. However, if you’ve been cautious about heading back to the gym just right now, you are not on your own. A lot of people have chosen to carry on with their lockdown fitness routine for a little longer.

We can expect gyms to welcome new members in the long term as soon as vaccine rollouts reach out to most age groups. But for the time being, it makes sense to avoid fitness centres if you suffer from covid anxiety. Of course, all fitness venues have put special attention to bringing and maintaining a healthy environment for their members. But covid anxiety is not something that can easily be resolved. It will take time for people to feel safe outside their home again. So, in the meantime, how are you getting on with your lockdown fitness routine?

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Online workouts

Have you been turning to online fitness routines during the pandemic? Welcome to the large and ever-growing club of online fitness enthusiasts! Joe Wicks has been a revelation for many families with his free PT programmes for kids. It’s probably been a smart marketing move too, as more households discovered his fitness services through the free kids’ classes before signing up for the fitness and lifestyle programmes for adults. 

There have been plenty of dedicated online workouts for those who prefer a more personal and tailored approach, such as FitwithFrank, that creates a friendly fitness community. You can also turn to your favourite gym classes, such as Les Mills or Orangetheory Fitness, for online workout ideas. Beware, however, with nobody to help you correct your posture and movements, you could be learning bad habits if you’re not careful. 

Another surprising issue that most people have encountered in lockdown. Your living room is not quite as spacious as you’d like. You could end up breaking things, and that includes yourself!

Outdoors workouts

When the weather is clement, you can even take your workouts outdoors. Did you know that running has been one of the most popular workouts during the pandemic? It’s the ideal exercise for all fitness levels. In the early days of lockdown, when we had only one hour of outdoor activities per day, running has been an eye-opener for most households. Ultimately, you don’t need to invest in much equipment to start running. That’s the good thing about it. Running is the ideal breath of fresh air when you are spending most of your day at home. It’s inexpensive, easy, and effective. However, it also exposes you to unexpected risks. Unlike a treadmill, the outside environment is constantly changing depending on the time of the day, the weather, or the season. As such, people are more likely to trip and hurt themselves. You’d be surprised to know that wound care supplies have experienced record purchases during lockdown, in connection with activities such as running and DIY hobbies. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack additional protection, such as sunscreen protection and high visibility gear. You are always dependent on your environment when you run outside. Sunny days can lead to unpleasant burns, especially when your skin is no longer used to the outside world.  

Are you a fitness indoor or outdoor enthusiast? Both have their advantages and inconveniences. But in the end, perhaps the oddities of lockdown fitness are what makes it so enjoyable to all!

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