The down sides of giving up booze

Yep, I’m still banging on about the no drinking…sorry! This has however been quite a life changing revelation for me so feel free to skip on if you’re uninterested, or if, like me you were a little sober curious, I’m sharing today a slightly different angle on how it’s going being alcohol free.

Because although I’m still feeling incredibly positive about not having drinked for sixty odd days, (and just to clarify again, no I’m not preggers), there have been some surprising less than positive side effects.

How much?!

First of all, I’ve noticed that although generally life alcohol free is cheaper – it’s amazing how expensive some non-alcoholic alternatives cost. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the cost of a virgin mojito sans the most expensive ingredient! Still, at least I wasn’t falling off my chair from hitting the classic mojitos this time… and three virgin mojitos still costs less than that round of shots I’d insist on buying at the end of standard night out.


The rhythm is gonna get ya

It would seem that despite being a rock god in my car or being able to bust out some Sia inspired moves dans la cuisine, get me sober on a dance floor and my legs just don’t work the same way. Whether this is a bad thing is up for debate…however, I’m still giving it a shot and in the meantime going for the tactic of grabbing a small child to dance with. Practice makes perfect right?


Think Think Think

Whoa the world is deep these days – it’s like the removal of wine o’clock left things so crystal clear it’s quite overwhelming trying to work out the meaning of life. I have read about this side effect and it’s all about facing your demons when you remove one of them that’s been masking them for a long time. Facing things head on isn’t always easy, but it is reality. So I’m working it out one day at a time.


Sorry, come again?

This one has to be the best of the worst. Other people’s reactions has been something else. The looks, the comments, the horror in their expressions. The total bemusement and the feeling you have to justify your opting to decline a drink. Let’s just say I need to work on my opening line, or it’s going to take some getting used to! I’m also working out when and how much to say on the matter because no one likes an evangelistic ex drinker (or ex anything for that matter). But, you have to almost see the funny side in this otherwise it’s going to really grate… And I do get it – it’s like someone took the old Sarah and replaced her with someone else, but I’m totally cool with this choice, so you honestly can be too.


So I’m still muddling through this new experience of life without alcohol. The post summer social lull is about to be replaced with a bumper lead up to the booziest time of year so we’ll have to see what that brings; I can’t wait to find out. Whether this remains an experiment or a permanent fixture is still to be decided, but so far so good.

In fact, the things I thought I’d miss about drinking, I really haven’t. Who knew that this post wouldn’t include the first wine of the weekend, the drunk dancing, the letting go of control or the feeling of being tipsy…and no one is more surprised at that than me.


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2 thoughts on “The down sides of giving up booze

  1. Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice) Reply

    i have started to cut down a lot and may cut out. Today I feel blue as last night at the bar was not as much fun as it would have been had I been drinking so I sort of empathise with the bit about facing demons that were previously masked. In a funny old place at the moment emotionally altogether questioning the meaning of life, why I am here and so so your post has helped me massively today – thank you. Came looking for #CoolMumClub – is it having a week off?

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Kate! Hope you work it out soon and if you do, let me know!!
      We are just working out when to come back and will update you guys soon x x

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