The beauty experiment of 2020

When it comes to beauty treatments, I guess I’m medium to low maintenance kind of girl.

I mean, I like to get my hair coloured and cut once every few months (it’s mega pricey!), I don’t do manicures other than for holidays (allotment and guitar probs), and I’m on a self pluck wax, shave routine (Aside from the occasional bit of threading, should I be passing through the town).

2020 has however been the first time that beauty treatments, including hair salons have not been available at all to me, or anyone else for that matter.

So what has it meant for the women of 2020? How have we coped?

Hair colour

There is no doubt in my mind that this has been the longest period of time I have EVER gone without colouring my hair. With a balyage style, I have been known to eek out the period between salon visits, but in recent years it’s been the grey hairs which have had me begging the salon to fit me in with zero notice, having caught a glimpse of a wiry grey in the rear view mirror.

I’m wasn’t even entirely sure what my natural hair colour truly was prior to 2020, let alone how I would feel about a few flashes of grey running through it.

But what 2020 taught me, was not to panic or freak out about the odd grey hair – and after all, when they are a little longer, they blend into the hair far more than when they are pulled out and grow short from the root again.

Curly girl

Since my hair has had a rest from the harsh colour treatments, I’ve also given it a bit of a rest from endless straighteneing with extreme heat treatments. Not so much due to condition but more to do with not really being arsed to keep doing it, when I’m not even leaving the house.

It’s been a reminder that despite years and years of brushing and straightening, my hair is naturally curly. Something I have fought long and hard against, and never really learnt to embrace.

But the sad thing is, now that I have trained my hair to no longer curl, I actually kind of miss it.

It may be unruly, a little on the mad side and often frizzier than I’d like, but it is how nature intended me to be.

So through lockdown, I’ve been trialling different ways of styling it, loving it, indulging in it and tapping in to the proper serious curly hair community out there.

I haven’t got it down to a T yet – and I don’t know if I ever will really have the patience to stick with it completely (curly hair is hard work!) but it’s been fun to dabble and it’s certainly made me mindful of looking after what I was born with.


It’s ironic that the week before lockdown I had a delivery of a load of new make up, because since March, I could count the number of days I have worn any on one hand.

So I have not had to worry about remembering to taking my make up off, because I have rarely had it on.

Again, I haven’t ever truly been a ‘can’t leave the house without my face’ person, but still I have my routines. Especially since returning to work in 2019 I have fallen into a pattern of wearing make up like some kind of armour taking me into battle.

So in 2020, albeit through the medium of a Teams call, my work colleagues have finally got to see me fresh faced for the first time, and nothing fell apart.

My skin has, as a result of a little more breathing space, a lot more TLC in the shape of creams and masks has definitely thanked me for this time. I may not be able to give up the make up bag altogether, but it’s definitely been a lesson in being comfortable in my own skin. I’ve shown up to work, albeit virtually with my naturally curly crazy hair, not a dot of make up and no fancy clothes. It’s a minor miracle, and something I hope to learn from and take forward after 2020.

Hot fuzz

Just when you may have thought I was going to turn into some kind of tree hugging swamp monster, in balance, one area I couldn’t give up was a bit of hair removal.

Being a naturally dark haired woman, sometimes I think it would be easier to describe the hair I want to keep rather than the hair I want to remove. Lockdown has been no different, other than making me more self sustainable using home wax strips, living without threading and trying to pluck as little as possible for fear of ending up like a 90’s schoolgirl.

I did consider trying not to pluck my eyebrows at all, to let them grow fuller and worry about shape after lockdown. But old habits die hard and being an obsessive compulsive plucker was reinstated in favour of the monobrow. Respect to Frida but I just ain’t ready for that look yet.

It’s been an opportunity in 2020 to embrace a more natural approach to my beauty regimes, and definitely a positive coming out of this pandemic in a micro level.

So tell me… what have been your beauty routine mash ups in 2020?


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