Sarah’s March Mumathon for #TeamMum @childdotorg

Yesterday I launched my social fundraising campaign, #SellOneThing for #TeamMum,’s campaign to improve the care of pregnant and postnatal women in Kenya, which is supported by UK Aid Match. This means before 30 April 2019 every pound raised will be doubled by the UK government.

Whilst I’m on the case for my own selling spree (more on that later), I wanted to share the second part of my fundraising initiative.

Because although I’m hoping together we can all get selling and raising money for women like Lilian, I want to do more. As much as I can.


Lilian went to the health clinic when she was four months pregnant, not to check on the health of her baby but to ask for a job. When the time came for her to give birth, she had no money for transport so she set off to walk to the hospital.
The baby arrived during the walk to her hospital, so Lilian gave birth on the road, assisted by her mother and another local woman, before carrying her baby to the hospital for a check up. Baby Treddy was doing well, so they returned to the village on foot.
If Lilian had been part of a pregnancy support group, she says she would have known so much more about how to eat healthily and feed her baby, and would have had other women around her for support. Team Mum will fund pregnancy support groups that will reach new mums like Lilian with health advice and support.

In Kenya, one in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday. Stories like Lilian’s help us to understand why that is – new mums simply aren’t receiving the health information and support they need to keep their babies safe.

Together, Team Mum will arm new mums with this vital information and support. To do this, we need you to donate so we can launch pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, but the training between now and 30th April 2019 might be a long shot… in fact, I’m far from marathon ready.

So I’ve been wracking my brain on how I could challenge myself physically, within the fundraising time frame, and do something with meaning to the #TeamMum campaign.

And here it is.

I will be running a marathon distance (that’s 26.2 miles) over the month of March 2019.

This will include 2 official 10K races (I’m all signed up!); Smugglers 10K on the Kent Coast and Forestry 100 Running series 10km Run at Bedgebury Pinetum. The rest of the miles I’ll clock up during nursery hours.

The challenge will complete at Bedgebury finish line on 31st March 2019, which is Mothers Day.

I will of course keep you updated on my progress, and would love as much support as I can muster in the form of donations and sponsorship through my official Mumathon donations page, here

I’m running because the best way to help Children is to help Mums, and I believe in the power of #TeamMum.


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