Pulling my hair out…..of the carpet / plug hole / hair brush…..

When I imagined life as a mum there were a few parts of the deal that were pretty unpleasant, but I was happy to brace myself for. Sleepless nights, putting my career on hold, having a wobbly tummy. There was one thing however I must have missed in the small print, and certainly had never heard of before.

Post partum hair loss. AKA Telogen effluvium.

Last week ‘Lauren off of Eastender’ tweeted about the issue and brought it to Daily Mail App status. Which got me thinking about this post.

It was probably when Toddle G, my first gorgeous bundle was about 3 months old. I had just broken free from the ties of breast feeding and was celebrating having my nice underwear back. My wardrobe options no longer needed to consider boob access and I was getting a little more positive about my appearance. Sort of!

Then I noticed in the bath, I was fishing out strands of hair and making a little pile on the side. The bath plug was almost blocked by what looked like half my head. My clothes were permanently covered in annoying looks of hair.

I became a bit obsessed with it, running my hand through my hair and with morbid curiosity seeing how much was coming away each time. The curiosity slowly turned into distress, and even panic. Was I going to go bald? I now had moved on to staring at my hairline in the mirror, watching as the patches at my temples got thinner and thinner.

This went on for a good few months, then, a new turn of events. Regrowth. Not sure if this was good or bad, I monitored it like a hawk. Soon, the baby fluff surrounding my salon perfect Ombre locks got too hideous to hide, so there was only one thing for it. The heavy fringe look of 2010 wasn’t a style movement I’m afraid. It kind of worked though, and allowed me to forget the stress of losing that hair while it all grew back. I’d occasionally find the short bits and check out how much they’d grown. All was well.

Move forward to 2013, my unlucky year. Bad times in the G Household as we went through the horror of losing a very much wanted baby at 23 weeks. Needless to say the hair loss that followed was the least of my problems, but felt like a kick whilst I was down. Hormones you suck.

So here I am again, happier times with our precious Baby-G. 8 months and counting, filling our lives with love and completing our G-unit. I stopped breastfeeding on Valentine’s Day, and probably a week later spotted my first sign of the hair loss. Here we go again. I think this experience is the worst by far, and seems to have gone on and on. I have definitely spotted bald patches, and I’m in the fluffy re growth stage, but still seem to be losing at the same rate? Am I going to end up looking like a chick?!

This time I actually got so freaked out I went to the GP. She was more than useless and told me this was nothing to do with having had a baby and was caused by stress. Hmm. I have just lost my job. Been living at the in laws whilst my house is rebuilt, apart from my husband. Possible? I guess so. But history tells me otherwise.

So, I’m rocking the regrowth. My friends tell me you can’t notice it. Which is sweet of them. It’s enough to put me off having more kids. Shallow? Maybe. But it’s the truth. Amongst other reasons of course.

I’m popping multivitamins every day and trying to avoid the straightners. Using vitamin e oils and trying to de stress as much as I can in the given situation!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s been through the same. Or got any ideas on what can help?

If you’re in this place too, don’t worry it’ll grow back just in time for the next baby! 💕



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