#MUMATHON On your marks, get set, go…

Back in February I committed publicly to take on a physical challenge to raise awareness, and hopefully hard cash, for a charity close to my heart; child.org #TeamMum.

As a #TeamMum partner I pledged to help in any way I could to try and help raise the target £150,000 which will be UK AIDMatched (doubled) by the government.

That’s because the work child.org are planning to do has been deemed so valuable and high impact, that it’s been granted extra support.

The money will be used to improve education, healthcare and support for Mums in Meru, Nairobi in Kenya. These Mums are doing more than just Muddling Through to Friday. Their problems are far greater than a tantrumming toddler; in fact they’d be blessed to have one because 1 in 26 of their children never live to become a toddler.

Together we can make a difference by backing this campaign and turning small amounts of donations into one huge #TeamMum effort for a greater good.

That’s why I’m putting on my running trainers, taking that new found energy and the last bit of free time before I return to work in April to run 26.2 miles in the month of March. I’m doing 2 official 10K races and the rest being made up on midweek runs.

The challenge will complete at Bedgebury Pineatum on Mother’s Day.

I really need your support to motivate me and make all this running worthwhile!

I did my best to get a social campaign going, in which Mums were asked to #SellOneThing and donate the profits. You can still do that by the way! The link is here.

However if you had every intention of backing the campaign, but just never got around to it, here’s another way to support me, the campaign, and Mums like Sarah.

I realise there is charity requests everywhere, and expecting strangers on the internet to sponsor me is a big ask. I just hope that over the four years I’ve shared my life with you, supported your posts, campaigns, businesses, that really we aren’t strangers, we’re more than that.

My campaign started today, Monday 4th March I clocked up my first 3.5 miles and it wasn’t easy going out in the cold, in the wind, with a rotten cough and post school run freeze. But I got it done, because I’ve made a promise to those Mums.

So if you can’t find a quid for me, find it for the Mums in Kenya who need our help. Because Motherhood, we really have to be in it together.




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