The Mum beauty tip exchange #ExpertsInBeauty

When Ellisons contacted me regarding their #ExpertsInBeauty campaign I was really excited to talk about the topic. Steering away from the conversations we have down at the park or soft play cafe about potty training, child behaviour and horror stories of sleepless nights, I was happy to talk about us – the parents for a little while.

It’s inevitable really that amongst a small network of thirty something aged women we all have our own beauty perils of Motherhood, and between us a few tips and tricks of the trade to help us along the way.

Woman Wearing Yellow Dress Beside Woman Wearing Red Dress

I’ve learnt some incredible beauty tips from some of the girls I’ve met since having kids, and I’m all for hearing them, giving them a whirl and passing them on. If you have any to add, please let me know in the comments!

  1. Nipple cream as a lip balm. It’s not unusual to hear a new mum raving about the miraculous effects of Lanolin on your poor bruised and battered nips, but you have never lived if you haven’t popped a bit on your lips too (upstairs, I can’t vouch for any benefits on your other battered and bruised lips!). A glossy glowing and healing balm that will not only help heal any small blemishes, but make your lips feel a little more loved when the rest of you feels like you have just been hit by a bus.
  2. Coconut oil on your cuticles. Over the last few years coconut oil has had a bit of a moment for it’s wondrous health properties – used in cooking, drunk in coffee or even rubbed onto your body. Coconut oil is amazing for your nails so if you’ve got the jar out to start off your chicken curry, then  be sure to pop a little bit on your cuticles and nails to give them a burst of nourishment.
  3. Baby lotion as make up remover. Baby lotion is one of those things you get bought when you’re expecting, yet you never really know what to use it for. The cotton wool and water stage so quickly morphs in to the good old wet wipe so like us, you may be archiving a shelf full of baby lotion and consider regifting it or binning the lot. Hold fire, because the gentle yet cleansing effect of baby lotion is a perfect make up remover – and it’s the perfect way to use up all that cotton wool too.
  4. Castor oil for Mum knees. Argh the cursed Mum knees. Following several years of kneeling to do nappies, baths and picking up rice off the floor they can end up with a bizarre perma-scab of dryness that leaves some Mothers reaching for the leggings even in the height of summer. I say free the Mum knees! Another Mum recently told me she is attacking her knees this summer with a daily dose of Castor oil – rub into the skin to allow the vitamin E rich oil penetrate and moisturise the skin. I’m yet to try this one! This photo shows the legs of a woman who is sitting on a red pillow on a pastel colored couch. The woman is putting on some lotion on her legs with her hands. She has red toenails. Thew whole setting makes a very relaxing impression.
  5. Castor Oil for hair growth. What, dis someone just say this helps your hair grow? Get me to the nearest chemist! I can’t really imagine rubbing oil all over my head, but apparently a couple of egg whites does the trick at getting it all out again as it breaks down the oil. With my postpartum hair loss issues this has to be worth a try.
  6. Lemon juice for bleaching dark patches on knees. I remember my mates laying in the sun with lemon juice on their hair as a teenager, but now we’re mums it’s all about lemon juice on the knees. With bleaching and exfoliating effects it’ll banish those bizarre dark circles on your scabby Mum knees in no time. citrus, citrus fruit, fruit
  7. Oats in the bath as a skin treatment. A commonly known treatment to sooth the itching of chicken pox, popping some oats into an old pair of tights and throw into your bath (no need to wear the tights ;-)). This tried and tested technique isn’t just good for the kids pox – it also has beneficial properties to reduce skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema even sunburn or irritation. A handy one when you’ve overdone the sun on your play date (sun cream is for you too Mummy).

The products we’re loving

As well as these natural beauty remedies, there are a few beauty brands and techniques everyone is talking about right now – so here’s whats hot right now with the Mum crew.

  1. Aveeno moisturising cream. I heard of this oaty based product line at a blog conference, well more particularly the baby range. Turns out the Mum range is a cannot live without item too. My Mum was raving about it and bought me a tbe, and I’ve been using it day in day out on my dry skin and it transformed my allotment hands in just one use. Miracle stuff!
  2. Footner socks. This somewhat bizarre foot treatment is one that’s got everyone talking. You pop the cream on, then the socks and leave for an hour or so. remove, and watch your entire feet peel off all the dead skin over the next ten days , leaving you with baby soft skin. Perfect to do just before the summer, but kinda thinking there’s probably no good fortnight in the height of summer to look like you have a foot disease – unless you’re prepared to go socks and shoes in the heat?
  3. Flexitol heel balm. If you can’t figure out the above, then perhaps a more practical approach to the dreaded dry heels of the summer. Mine suffered really badly after pregnancy and this heel balm got my feet back up to a presentable state in no time.

So that’s our current favourites right now – don’t forget to share with me yours!


Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Ellisons    #ExpertsInBeauty campaign.

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15 thoughts on “The Mum beauty tip exchange #ExpertsInBeauty

  1. Louise Reply

    I should really try the oats in the bath trick for Sophie to help with her eczema. Love the tips on how to banish Mum knees! #coolmumclub

  2. itsadrama Reply

    Oh I loved this! There’s nothing better than a few beauty tips of you young uns for us middle agies..! I’m trying the lemon juice in my knees!

  3. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Wow I genuinely had no idea about some of these…loving the use of nipple cream and coconut oil is amazing for basically everything!!! #coolmumclub big beauty fist bump xoxo

  4. ruth cartwright Reply

    Oh I’m definitely going to try the castor oil on my knees. They are terrible! #coolmumclub

  5. Tubbs Reply

    Castor oil?! Might be worth a try!

  6. Lisa Reply

    Well who’d have thought you could used nipple cream as lip balm. Loving these tips they are really surprising #coolmumclub x

  7. Mymummymanual Reply

    I need the hair loss trick for sure!! Postpartum issues! #coolmumclub

  8. Sadie Reply

    Oats in the bath is a great one, I’ll remember that for our youngest if his Oilatum runs out. I saw the videos of the Footner stuff…freaked me out if I’m honest!!

  9. mummyhereandthere Reply

    I have heard off any of these tips, there ace! X #coolmumclub

  10. Lisa Pomerantz Reply

    Coconut oil is like a miracle in a jar–how did we get this far without it? We use it for oil pulling (look it up) it detoxes your body, whitens your teeth, freshens breath, and makes your dentist happy! Crazy! Thanks for these tips! #coolmumclub xoxo

  11. themummybubbleblog Reply

    Love love Aveeno! I also use coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment. Greasy but amazing! The oats in the bath worked wonders for my baby’s eczema x

  12. Jo (Mother of Teenagers) Reply

    Some great ones here. One of my favourites is Sudocrem for breakouts – I always get some strange looks when someone spots me being it and I say “yes it’s for my teens” .#coolmumclub

  13. Autumn's Mummy Reply

    Thanks, the only one of these I’d heard of was lemon juice on the knees (and elbows!) I’ll definitely be trying some of them out. #CoolMumClub

  14. Helena Reply

    I feel like I could do with trying the technique for battered knees and having not been able to breastfeed it would have been interesting to have put it to good use. I ended up passing it to my sister unused. #CoolMumClub

  15. Mrs Mummy Harris Reply

    Aveeno is amazing, I’ve heard mums claim it can get rid of baby’s cradle cap. Thats how much it works! Not heard of lemon juice on knees though! #coolmumclub

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