Livin’ La Vida Lockdown! Staying positive through the pandemic

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Do you feel like you’re struggling to stay positive? Heck, do you feel like you’re struggling to get through each day? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone.

With at least 3 more weeks of lockdown to look forward to, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only seeing negativity. Especially when we see death and disaster every time we turn on the news or check our social media feeds. The world is a scared and angry place, right now. 

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Nonetheless, it’s still possible to be positive when you’re livin’ la vida lockdown. Try these tips to boost your mood and find fulfillment while in quarantine.

Negative thoughts? Rewire your mind with CBT

When you see negativity every time you check your phone or turn on the TV it’s all too easy to fall into unceasingly negative thought patterns. We can fall into the trap of catastrophising and feeling as though something terrible lurks around every corner. Nonetheless, we can rewire our minds to stay positive and keep the negative in perspective through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Keep giving yourself something to look forward to

Even if you’re working from home, it’s all too easy for one day to blend into the next when you’re spending your whole day under lockdown. However, it’s important to give yourself something to look forward to in the long term and the short term. This might mean using a free resume maker to boost your career options when the lockdown is lifted, or taking on new creative projects, or making sure you finish every day with a delicious meal and a film. 

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Dress to impress you!

Many of us have spent the past 3 weeks and change in our pyjamas. And while this may seem like a dream come true, it can gradually start to erode both our energy and our sense of self. We’re not defined by our clothes, of course, but they do play a huge part in amplifying certain aspects of our personalities. It’s why so many actors can only get into character when they’re wearing their costumes. 

Many may feel that there’s no point in getting dressed up for. But even if you’re not sharing your life and home with a partner or kids, why shouldn’t you be dressing to impress you? You deserve to feel confident, beautiful and impressive. Even if you are your own audience. Besides, your daily dose of glam needn’t come at the expense of comfort. Just take a look at this post!

Pick up the phone

Finally, positivity can be hard to come by in a vacuum. But never forget that you have a wonderful network of friends and family out there. Just because they’re not under the same roof as you right now doesn’t mean that they’re not available to you. Make sure you schedule regular calls and video chat sessions with your nearest and dearest. Not only will it be a tonic for your own mental health… you never know how much they may need to chat. Just seeing a friendly face and hearing a familiar voice can be an instant pick me up!

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    HI Sarah. I think I’ll try dressing up for a change. 🙂 Thanks for your tips.

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