I want to ride my lockdown bicycle

I have no doubt that one day we will look back to this time and one of our lasting memories as a family will be experiencing it on wheels.

I suppose it’s the pull of having nowhere to go and no where to be that has had so many of us looking to dust off our bikes, amazon prime a bicycle pump, invest in a tricycle from somewhere like Jorvik Tricycles or finally get the kids down to the park to whip off the stabilisers.

The first of our family to get bike mad in lockdown was Tigs. We upgraded her first bike in March, when for her eighth birthday we sized up and invested in an ergonomic, lightweight bike, adamant that we would have her riding it this summer.

I’m not entirely sure that we would have followed through on that promise had we not been gifted by fate a whole season of empty weekends and afternoons of wall to wall sunshine.

But persevere we did, and in our local open space, we saw her finally crack it. A little bit wobbly, with a little bit of confidence building required, but she is well and truly off.

And of course, by default, her little sister got a hand me down free upgrade too.

But it wasn’t just the kids who have been feeling the wind through their hair. My bike, ten years gathering dust in the shed got a basic service, a pump on the inner tubes, and has seen it’s first bit of action in over a decade.

Together my bike and I made some pretty special lockdown memories. Albeit alone, but sometimes that is very much needed too.

And even Dad Muddling Through, with his murky history of bikes, has got back in the saddle for the first time since his bike accident many moons ago.

And it has been the perfect time – the roads are quiet, the car parks are closed, and whilst we all crave a bit of open space, green fields and distance from the same four walls, what could be a perfect slice of daily exercise.

And it’s funny because whilst I’m out there alone, taking in the view, I’m sure that one of my first post lockdown wants, is to get back on my bike, with Dad Muddling Through, and share some of these new routes and breathtaking moments together.


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