How to take care of yourself following surgery

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For some, the idea of recovering after surgery is a daunting thought. This might be due to the fact that surgeries only occur in more severe medical instances. Luckily we’re equipped with great technology and, in most cases, the best doctors to solve your medical issue.

Surgeries, unfortunately, are necessary for some instances as they might increase the quality of life, eradicate any threats or just remove any uncomfortable sensations. After experiencing an operation, it’s vital that you consider your health and recovery process thoroughly to ensure you don’t put strain on an already weakened part of your body.

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1 Rest Well

Once you get home after your surgery, it would be highly advised to follow the doctor’s orders. Don’t try and do anything but recover; even if you get bored, rest is more important than keeping yourself busy at this point. For example, after having hernia repair surgery, a standard procedure, it’s important to maintain the hernia mesh’s integrity by not putting strain on it. Previous cases showed that hernia mesh eligibility was compromised, so take extra care not to damage your completed surgery. 

2 Don’t drive

Driving is already a risk; it’s even more so when you’ve recently undergone surgery. If you need something, maybe try and use delivery services or make use of friends and family to get you what you need. Anaesthesia prohibits driving ability substantially, and a vehicle accident is capable of doing severe damage to surgery wounds that are busy healing. 

3 Give yourself time to heal

The first thing you’ll try and do when you get back is catch up on anything you missed out on while in the hospital. This shouldn’t be the case, and giving yourself time to heal means you don’t care at all about catching up and solely resting your body. At this point, you should be spending most of your time doing absolutely nothing and lying in bed all day. You’ll have all the time in the world to do exactly what you want after you’ve healed from your surgery. 

4 Take prescribed medication

You will most definitely be in some pain for a few days after your surgery; you can keep this under control by using your prescribed pain medication. Your medication will also assist with tiring you out and getting you into bed to rest. Make sure you eat well before you take your medicine, also ensure you complete the cycle of medication prescribed by your health practitioner. 

5 Don’t pick up heavy objects 

A crucial part of recovering from an operation is not putting strain on any part of your body during your recovery process. It would help if you didn’t try to move furniture or try picking up your pet, instead give yourself time to heal and be assured that you’ll be back to normal before you know it.

Getting yourself to stay in bed and do nothing else might just be one of the most challenging things ever. But, it will be worth it – after all, you’ve already gone through the worst, allow yourself to make the last stretch and get yourself back to 100% in no time.

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