How To Get a Better Night of Sleep During Pregnancy

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One of the more overlooked problems when it comes to pregnancy is getting a good night of sleep. Of all the things to do before your baby arrives, it’s important to prepare yourself for a couple of difficult nights because it’s hard to get accustomed to the added weight and stress on your body. Thankfully, there are many well-established tips to help you get a better night of sleep when you’re pregnant.

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Try to sleep and wake at regular times

This is a relatively simple tip to help you get a better night of sleep regardless if you’re pregnant or not. The more consistent you are with your sleeping times, the better your sleep will be.

Develop a proper bedtime routine

Try and adopt a relaxing bedtime routine to help you sleep better. A bedtime routine is unique to everyone, but it generally involves switching off your screens and trying to do relaxing things to unwind and clear your mind before you head to bed.

Finds ways to relax your mind before sleep

There are a couple of ways to relax your mind before you drift off to sleep. It can help to listen to soothing music, you can try practising meditation, or you could do some very light exercises and focus on your breathing afterwards. These are all great tips to help you relax your mind which makes it easier to sleep at night.

Consider using a maternity pillow

A maternity pillow is a great investment because it can assist you when sleeping on your side. Maternity pillows are an inexpensive investment and they’ll make it a lot easier for you to sleep when you’re pregnant because they support your body really well. If you’re starting to find it more comfortable to sleep on your side, then a maternity pillow is a great option.

Watch your diet

Avoiding certain things such as caffeine before bed can make a huge difference not just in your ability to sleep, but also the quality of your sleep. Try and maintain a balanced diet and avoid anything that could keep you up at night.

Elevate your head when sleeping

It might help to elevate your head when you sleep because it can give heartburn relief in addition to making it more comfortable when you’re pregnant. Elevating the torso may also help. You can often achieve this by stacking several pillows, but it’s also possible to buy a wedge pillow for a more comfortable angle.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your body cool throughout the day, but it can actually help you sleep better when you’re pregnant. Just don’t wait until you’re thirsty before you drink water; try and sip throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. 

Understand if you have a sleep disorder

In some cases, your lack of sleep might be caused by a sleep disorder. You may be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea or even restless legs syndrome which is causing sleepless nights during pregnancy. If you suspect you may have one of these conditions or something similar, it’s best to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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