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Over the past five years my general fitness has improved (from a baseline of zero it really wasn’t hard) through running and the occasional bit of yoga courtesy of You Tube or a DVD I was bought for Christmas 2017.

I had toyed with the idea of joining a group class around this time last year, and for obvious reasons, it never really panned out.

Working three days a week and juggling home and kids has meant I want my fitness regime to be flexible enough to do it when it suits me, yet somehow demand a discipline to push me a little further than the running alone was achieving.

Of course, home work outs were brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention in 2020 by a certain Dad of two with a flair for fitness. And, for sure, Mr Wicks got me You Tubing his work outs when I was looking for a quick HIIT, but somehow, his wide appeal left me looking for something else – someone who knew my name and perhaps might engage back with me when I sent my comments into the mix of three kergillion others.

I’d been scouting around for something else, when that something else found me. A DM and a brief introduction left me finding my Mr Fitness, another Dad of two championing the home work out; Frank.

Frank runs a workout platform, Fit With Frank, which is predominantly (but not exclusively) aimed at women like me, trying to fit in a efficient, high impact training plan around the demands of modern life. For some of us that’s motherhood, for others it’s career, or simply, that you don’t feel the gym is for you. And let’s face it, thanks to Covid, we probably all fit into at least one of those categories.

Tentatively, I signed up to trial Franks program, and threw myself right in at the deep end on a 6 week programme. All the videos are available in a catalogue online and can be accessed through your media of choice whenever suits you.

In addition to the catalogue, there are a range of online classes which you can prebook to join in live. A brilliant way to connect with others and feel that social vibe of a group class, without even leaving your home.


Admittedly, I only got four days into my programme because I ditched it to join Franks advent programme in December – spurred on by his social media encouragement and keen to join in with the current plan. So it was less of a ditch and more of a switch.

I have to say, I loved the challenge of a daily plan and the diversity from Boxing to HIIT to Froga (That’s Franks Friday Yoga) brought both diversity and range to my work outs at a time when running wasn’t really working out for me (thanks to self isolation blah blah blah).

I managed to complete a fair part of Decembers programme (not all – a minor procedure left me unable to exercise for a couple of weeks) and I have to say that Frank and team (Annabel, Candice, Liz) are a breath of fresh air.

The workouts are proper, as is the banter. Franks laid back style in which he can often be found working out in his daughters bedroom or cracking Dad jokes cooling down in front of his sofa, throughout make me feel that yes, these are my people. No one takes themselves too seriously and the vibe in the room is committed with a decent slice of silly – right up my street.

The membership programme can be accessed for as little as £5 per week; less than the price of your average in-gym work out class and the only limit is your energy (or perhaps bandwidth). That said, Frank has LOADS of free content to get you started on You tube, so there’s nothing stopping you heading over and diving right in for some sweaty sessions.

I love that my kids are able to join in with me when they want, and that through seeing me exercising in the home, I am quietly being a role model on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle – that fitness makes me feel good and that it is important to make time for it and giggle as you go.

I’ve been itching for the Christmas break to be over and am now working through the 2021 Start Strong programme – 4 x 30 minute sessions a week and I’ve booked in for my first live sessions. The girls are so excited that they’ll be able to wave back to Frank.

The support through the programme can be as much or as little as you like – Frank can be found active across all main social media platforms (except on Sundays), and with options to join the members facebook group, join the Strava run club, read the blog or listen to the podcast,.

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There are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself with the community or Fit with Frank mentality towards fitness and lifestyle. (Which, I have to say, I love that it feels very balanced – expect to see Frank sharing his bakes with his kids or encouraging rest days, if that’s what you want). Nutrition advice is also available in the members package – recipes, info and a calorie counting tool if that’s what you are looking for.

FWF Club Awards 2020

I joked this summer that if we went back into Lockdown I’d get ripped… and I realise now that my goal isn’t so much to have a six pack, but to build on my physical and mental wellbeing in a time when it has never been more important.


Disclosure: My subscription to Fit With Frank Club is complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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