The health hazards of blogging

Does anyone really know the long term health risks associated with blogging? I consider myself a mere toddler in the lifespan of a blogger, however I’m already noticing some RSI (bogging associated) flare ups…

Hunchback neck

As somebody who prefers to blog from the comfort of my sofa with a laptop, I’m really feeling the effects on my neck. The constant 45 degree downward gaze is going to leave me Looking  like Quasimodo at this rate. Yes, there’s something to be said about those gorgeous little Scandi inspired blogging desk areas. Also compacted by the smart phone addiction, my posture  is really suffering, and my neck feels like I’ve spent a season as a prop for the England rugby team.

Screen flare eyes

I’m also not too sure how my eyes are liking the frequent glare at a bright screen. Especially in the low mood lighting of the evenings, and early mornings. A bit like looking directly at the sun, I’m not sure staring at your phone screen when you just opened your eyes is a good move…

Achey thumb

You know you need to put that phone down when your thumb muscles start cramping. You can text like a pro but you’re going to have one hand built like a wrestler by the time you’re sixty.

Tappy phone pocket tick

Im not sure this one is exclusive to bloggers, but that constant tap tap on your coat pockets, jeans pockets, dressing gown pocket to locate your phone…do you even realise you’re doing it every four minutes?

OBD – Obsessive blogging disorder

If everything you touch, think, hear and do is a potential blog post, you are probably suffering with a spot of OBD. Severe symptoms include OBD induced insomnia and excessive social media sharing. Consider a little bit of self help here – get a grip, take a break, try writing notes to exorcise those idea worms from your brain and what helped me is the mantra ‘Not everything in life is a blog post’.

How about you…any symptoms to add?


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3 thoughts on “The health hazards of blogging

  1. Sunita Reply

    OMG this is hilarious but actually quite serious too! Yep blogging should come with a health warning. Lots of people get addicted and don’t know how to slow down or switch off. Many bloggers have to justify taking a break.
    At the end of the day, we need to be easy on ourselves. Don’t work to high expectations if they’re not helping us.
    Our blogs are our blogs at the end of the day. So we set the rules. That means looking after our fingers, thumbs, necks, backs and eyes too!
    Another fab post MMT #coolmumclub

  2. theblogofallmothers Reply

    Oh dear, I have literally just started to venture into blogging, and already feeling overwhelmed about how to get started when there are so many funny, interesting bloggers out there and yet I close the laptop, open it again 5 seconds later, check if I have any more followers, find another inspirational blog, decide not to give up and start planning more ideas. I’m a sure-fire target for OBD!! Must remember that I am a mummy blogger which involves being a mummy and getting up at 6am to feed screaming baby; I really should close the laptop now!
    Thanks for this great post which candidly lets me know what I’m letting myself in for!

    1. MMT Reply

      Ah good luck lovely! There’s totally room for everyone and if I can do it – you can xx Thanks for popping by and for your comment.

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