Having a Baby? The stuff you REALLY need on your shopping list….

We probably all had a pre-baby shopping list. Joyfully and excitedly listing the oh so obvious bits and pieces we would need when our little bundle of joy arrived. It probably went something like this…

  1. Car seat
  2. Moses basket & mattress
  3. Babygrows
  4. Vests
  5. Cotton wool
  6. Muslins
  7. Maternity pads
  8. Breast pads
  9. Nappies
  10. etc
  11. You get the idea….

But there are some things you don’t know,  until you know. With the intention of being helpful (as opposed to preachy), here is a little addendum to the standard list you may want to check out and add to your shopping list.

  1. A sanitiser / soaking bin. Bought for me by my amazing mother in law – I stared at her in wonder as to why I would need such an item? Looks a bit old school, a plastic bucket with a lid. But boy, has it been the best used gift ever. Babies, toddlers, kids….they make, erm , messes, which stain. Unless you want soiled vests, bibs, babygrows in your kitchen / bathroom sink, a few quid on this baby from a pound shop will be worth every penny.
  2. Biological washing powder. So you stocked up, and have probably started washing gorgeous white baby clothes, with fairy Non Bio and Comfort pure. As you should. Nobody told me that although that stuff is perfect for your everyday washing, point made in #1…sometimes, you are going to need to do some soaking, some scrubbing if you want those gorgeous white clothes to stay white. Buy a bag of cheap biological powder for the back of the under sink cupboard. Trust me, it’ll come in handy.
  3. Digital thermometer. Not something I really ‘lusted after’ on my baby shopping list, but my knowing mum friends bought me one as a baby shower gift, and again, those Mums, they knew what they were doing. You won’t know you need one, until you do need one, probably at 2 am when baby is screaming and you aren’t sure if they’re poorly – the best indicator is a babys temperature. Get one. You will use it for the next 18 years (and occasionally on yourself too).
  4. A baby rear view mirror. A random one, but I saw someone else with a little mirror that goes on your back seat passenger head rest – allowing you to ‘oh so simply but cleverly’ see your tiny newborns face in the rear facing car seat while you are driving. Now, I’m not suggesting you don’t watch the roads as priority, but on those longer journeys especially, being able to see baby is asleep, breathing, not choking on own vomit etc makes for a much calmer car journey. Something like this.
  5. Gripe water. You can’t use Gripe water from day one, but for babies going through that Colic stage, anything is worth a try. This stuff worked wonders with our first – you could practically hear the air bubbles in her tummy popping. It’s cheap, worth having some in the back of a cupboard just in case you ever need it (and can avoid trip to shops with screaming colicy baby)
  6. Calpol. Heavily linked to point 3 and 5. Buy some, you will use it when the day comes.
  7. Batiste Dry shampoo. New Mums and blow drying hair is a relationship that will be on a break for a while. Accept it. Dry shampoo will be your new best friend.
  8. Dummies / pacifiers. Just one pack. You might never ever feel the need to use them. I was certain I never ever would, but, sometimes it’s just nice knowing you have options.
  9. Baby bath holder / giant baby shaped sponge. Wet babies are slippery little fishes! Some of the more expensive bath baby holding devices are great – but they do last 5 minutes. The baby sponge is a cheap and cheerful way of keeping baby still in the bath without breaking your back or drowning baby whilst trying to shampoo or lather up little baby. One like this.
  10. Lansinoh cream. A bit of a nipple life saver if you want to give Breast feeding a good go. Worked an absolute treat for me. Also amazing as a lip balm, fact.
  11. Cheap cami vests from Primark (for you not baby) – with a support layer for the bust. Perfect for pyjama tops, holding breast pads in place at night and easy feed access. Layering up under looser tops during the day – meaning every top is a breast feeding top – you don’t have to worry about hiding not only your boobs but your tummy as you can pull under layer down, upper layer up. Works a dream. If ever there was a couple of quid well spent…
  12. Roll on deoderant. Spray deoderants are pretty noisy – who’d have ever thought of that before kids? Sleeping baby time is Mummy shower / get dressed time. Roll on, it’s the way forward.
  13. Coffee. Preferably a bulk load from Costco. You are going to need it my friend.
  14. Tea bags. If like us, you are likely to have to fit a revolving door as your friends and family arrive to greet the new addition and shower it with love, you’re going to need to stock up on Tea Bags. I won’t tell you how many we got through…but lets just say it was A LOT.
  15. Ready made freezer meals / easy dinners / frozen veg. You are going to be way too busy cuddling, staring at that gorgeous little person you made to want to be preparing your favourite home cooked meals for a while. Don’t worry, this is the time to relax, eat easy dinners, stuff the hubster can knock together, stuff you can prick and ping, or oven bake for 25 minutes at 180ºC.
  16. A lovely pair of PJs. Treat yourself. I had a real #hidethebags moment with baby #2, and accidentally spent £50 on a pair of the most deliciously amazing pyjamas I have ever worn. But – after going through childbirth, having the best bath / shower ever, slipping into those PJs was a little slice of heaven. And I deserved it 😉


And maybe, hold fire on…

On buying 10,000 tiny size 1 nappies…they grow out of them so so so quick, you might be rehoming them quicker than you can say ‘2 for £14’.

Stocking up on formula. If you’re determined to BF, it can be ‘too easy’ to give up in he middle of the night if it’s there. If you’re planning to Bottle feed, try some small containers until you are sure what brand you want to go with.

On buying wipes in bulk – you may not like every brand and end up with loads you don’t really want. Top Tip…Aldi wipes are the bizz.


What would you add to the list?! And what would you definitely scrap from the list?!

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