The twelve #AlcoholFree drinks of #sober Christmas

Apologies for once again, banging on about the new found life sans alcohol. I realise to some folk this is a total turn off, however I’m relishing in the amazement that I actually chose to spend a whole Christmas (well, five months and counting to be precise) declining any alcoholic beverages. It’s frankly the shock of the century, and to no one more than me. So forgive me whilst I celebrate my own achievements, humour me whilst I enjoy the ride on the sober train, albeit being a total trainspotter bore.

Now, January is a time when traditionally I have company on this wagon, in the shape of Dry January which some of you may be limping along on day 12 of. So, to help you along I thought I’d share some of the alcohol free alternatives which carried me right through the festive season and beyond, without the need to once be carried home, or anywhere for that matter…


I’m starting simple here guys, but not to be overlooked is the classic booze free option – a favourite of mine whilst pregnant, strangely preferred from a wine glass so as to feel like I’m part of the party.

Alcohol free mulled wine (Ikea)

No sooner had I mentioned missing the warm christmassy sensations of a mulled wine, than my highly efficient and resourceful in laws located a bottle of alcohol free mulled wine from their garage (and more specifically, Ikea). It’s a bit sweet, but for your mulled wine craving it definitely hits the spot.

Baileys Latte Tassimo

The very idea of a Baileys free Christmas was somewhat daunting. In my family Baileys and Christmas go together like peas and carrots and it was probably the hardest drink to turn down. Fortunately we discovered Baileys Latte’s by Tassimo last dry January so i stocked right up on these for an alcohol free Baileys hit. Yum.

Tassimo Latte Machiatto Baileys Coffee Capsules

Friexenet alcohol free

As a former prossecco guzzler, it’s safe to say I’m familiar with this brand. The beautiful crosshatch glass bottles, the light fizzy bubbles and the hefty bar tab at our local Prosecco bar. Spotted when searching for Alcohol Free drinks during my online Tesco grocery shop, these babies in 20cl were my special bubbles to toast in Christmas dinner and New Year. Come on Tesco, stock the 70cl bottle pleeeeease, and not just for Christmas!

Nosecco (Sainsburys)

This full size bottle of fizz is perfect to take along to a gathering or party and blend right in. Which is exactly what i did on several occasions over Christmas. In fact, there was a lot of love for this fruity fizz even amongst the drinkers. Who knew?

Seedlip alcohol free spirit

Despite making it clear this is a alcohol free spirit (not alcohol free gin) these bottles became a firm favourite over Christmas. The pea notes of garden, the deep flavours of spice… Seedlip gives your gin connoisseurs a run for their money when they’re asking ‘What do you think of this one?’…

Ceders alcohol free spirit

When there’s no getting away from a gin and tonic replacement, Ceder’s is your drink. This is SO like gin I had to double check the bottle! The perfect palate cleansing, botanical flavoured alcohol free drink to pop in a copa gin glass and sip like a grown up. I cleared this bottle over Chrimbo and was over the moon to see it stocked in Sainsburys last week.

Green Lady sparkling green tea

Green lady caught my eye online as it’s a green tea and I love a green tea. Marketed as a cold fizzy alternative to a Prosecco or champagne, the appeal here is that green tea is doing you loads of good as you chink bottoms up. Extremely drinkable and unusual in flavour, I cleared the six bottles I bought from wise bartender in a matter of days. Green is my favourite colour after all…

Robinsons Crushed lime and mint and cordial

If you are mojito lover here’s a tip. Mix this cordial with ice and sparkling water for a refreshing virgin mojito that’s cheap as chips. I’ll be drinking this all summer long without a doubt and hopefully this limited edition grown up squash will stick around for an unlimited time. I’ve stocked up on it, just in case!

Robinsons Crushed apple and cinnamon cordial

On the same shelf, it’s sister cordial was the perfect winter warmer and actually trumped the alcohol free mulled wine as my go to festive warmer. Make it with hot water and enjoy the cinnamon scent as it warms your cockles.

Ginger beer

As an ex gin and ginger beer drinker, here was a revelation. Ginger beer solo. It doesn’t actually taste that different. Maybe I was always a ginger beer drinker all along? Love the sugar free option from Tesco… four for a quid and you won’t be waking up with a sugar hangover.

Heineken 0%

As my very first alcohol free discovery this will always have a place in my heart and a place in my fridge. For the moments you just fancy a beer – with a curry, on a Saturday during the Rugby, at a sunny BBQ this one is sure to hit the spot without any of the downsides of drinking.

I have to say, since my last sober stint aka pregnancy, the alcohol free market has CHANGED. There are so so many options and you’ll find some amazing low and af choices in the supermarkets very own section. Hats off to Sainsbury’s, some of the others have a bit of catching up to do (ASDA!). If all else fails try for a bumper order like we did this Christmas. They have it all covered. I even got Dad Muddling Through a case of low alcohol ales. (Not an Ad!).

There are also some amazing options in pubs and restaurants too so keep your eyes peeled and think beyond a Coca Cola. Although I’m quite partial to a diet coke every now and again too…

There are sooo many more these are just my current faves. If you have any hidden gems, let me know!

So there you have it. Five months of market research and one happy Mum, Muddling Through life, alcohol free.



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