5 things I never thought I’d hear myself say #SoberLiving

When I made a passing comment last week about considering going vegetarian, the look on Dad Muddling Through’s face said it all. I get it though, I do, because over the last half a year, he must wonder who this person stood before him is, and what the hell happened to his wife.

She was after all someone who when he first met, thought exercise was running to the bar to get in last orders. To whom a healthy meal meant ordering a diet coke with her Maccy D’s. And who couldn’t wait for any excuse to crack open a cold bottle of sauv blanc.

It’s fair to say neither of us miss that person. But you have to laugh at some of the phrases that are now water off a ducks back, which would have been so alien to the person I once was.

“I’ll have a gin and tonic, nice glass, all the trimmings…hold the gin”

As someone who could have recited every gin cocktail on the menu, raved about the latest premium gin I’d tried and was a self confessed gin lover, finding a new signature drink was always going to be tricky. Turns out a premium tonic on it’s own, in that same glass with same floating petals, flowers or berries is going to be my drink of summer 2019, sans hangover.


“Has it been an hour already? I wish I’d signed up for two”

So I took up Fight Klub, a boxing come rave, at which it would seem one exercise class just isn’t enough… To be fair though punching a bag to flashing lights and old skool tunes is as close to a dodgy nightclub as I’ve been in years… In all seriousness though, my stamina and fitness seems to have peaked, and I actually crave that endorphin boost that follows after a proper hard work out. Who even am I?


“I’ll pick you up at 7.15”

Aside from my years of pregnancy, giving lifts to and from social events just wasn’t my thang. No taxi fare was ever too much and I’d sulk like a four year old if having to drive ruined my night. And now? Paint my car yellow and call me Louie…. TAXI!


“Is there a reduced price for non drinkers?”

Maybe it’s karma for all the years I had more than my share of the split bill. But nowadays it seems where there there’s a one price, booze included kinda deal it’s such an inconvenience. Bottomless brunches, all inclusive holidays, days out and meal deals. I do of course suck it up, take one for the team but it is kind of ironic that what would have been music to my ears is now a bit of a pain in the arse.


“I don’t drink”

It’s inevitable that as time goes by and you meet new people, that some folk won’t have known you ‘before’ or even ‘during’ your metamorphosis of giving up booze. Therefore, there will be a moment, or many, where instead of explaining why you’ve stopped drinking, you can just state ‘I don’t drink’, order a mocktail an move on. This happened to me lately and it was a bit of a moment.


I guess the bottom line is people can change their minds, and that’s okay.

In fact, sometimes change is more than okay, it’s for the better.


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