Everybody needs a little time away…

This weekend I popped the Mum guilt to one side and carved out a few hours to myself to get to a women’s meet up event in central London run by Sunita, the HR coach behind Lucky Things.

When I’m asked what a Lucky Things Meet up is all about, I sometimes get a bit stuck on the detail – It’s not a conference, it’s not a piss up, it’s not a catch up with friends (well, not traditionally speaking).

These events evolved from Sunitas passion about bringing women together in a safe space to share and inspire each other. To reflect on career, wellness and confidence and take home some practical steps on how you need to take your life to the next stepping stone on the never ending path of where you want to be. There are no promises to change your life – that part you have to do for yourself, but it’s a gentle nudge in the right direction to focus on what YOU need to do to get there.

This time around, my third visit to The Folly in Monument for a Lucky Things meet up, I arrived alone and grabbed some time with Sunita and the guest speaker, Olga (@big_fat_greek_mother).

The inevitable nerves about walking into a room of strangers never lasts long, as everyone is in the same boat, and are all bloody lovely. Plus, over time, Sunita has become far from a stranger. By the time I left, I was only frustrated I hadn’t managed to meet all the lovely ladies in the room.

Over mocktails and awkward name badge reading, the ‘networking’ becomes neither strained or forced. Listening to each others stories and career journeys as well as home life, backgrounds and support networks, this is a place to be inspired and empowered by each other. The venue also makes for the most incredible photography backdrops.

During Olga and Sunitas panel talk brought up some tough truths for me. About how Mum Muddling Through has evolved to a place I live for the instagram shots – born both from a love of photography and engagement, but somehow having manifested to a place I don’t want it to be. The numbers, the hearts, the pressure to be as good as them. Ugh.

But I don’t want to be instagram famous, that was never my goal. I don’t want to live my entire life online, nor my families. Because that too, was far from my goal.

My blog no longer has to be my sole income, now I am back in work. So what is it driving? What is it’s force for good? Where do I want to take this platform going forward anyway? This thing which has taken so much of my precious time and headspace for so long… what is it all really for now?

I think deep down I know the answer to those questions, and the steps I need to take to re-address the balance. To establish more space for rest and recovery for my well being, rather than a constant feeling of beating the clock to get stuff done, cram in some content and mindlessly scroll.

I remain true to the fact that social media is a world of good if used right; by small engagement with the good souls rather than mass hysteria over those which make you feel the FOMO. So I need to remain true to my original objective. To have a blog that compliments and supports my parenting journey, not detracts from it. And if in the background, I can also do a little good, spread positive messages, then my work here is done.

As I already know, life online comes and goes in ebbs and flows. Sometimes the urge to share, to write, to capture is so strong it’s like it was meant to happen. Other times it feels somewhat forced, and that is a place which never sits right.

Most of all, what I know is that for some of my dreams to come true, I need to create space to let them flourish.

Ultimately, time out  to reflect on what’s important to you, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, is always time well spent. Social media is an amazing place to make connections, but nothing really beats the magic of real human interaction, a hug and seeing the sparkle in someone’s eyes.


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