Don’t forget Mothers Day: Health & Safety Tips eBook

As a busy Mum, who also is a daughter, step daughter and daughter in law…Mothers Day has a cheeky way of sneaking up on me. This year is no exception,  not least because it falls a few days after our eldest daughters birthday.

It’s always hard to gauge exactly what Mothers day should comprise of…especially when you are torn between doing the pampering, and being pampered yourself. If you are hoping for the answer, you’re probably reading the wrong blog post. Mum Muddling Through, remember?

One thing I DO know, is that if you are someone who does have a Mother around on Mothering Sunday, then it is the perfect time to tell them you love them, and show them that you are grateful for everything they do for you…even if you are a busy Mum yourself. Gifts don’t need to be elaborate, sometimes less is more, as long as it is from the heart. I know what would make my perfect Mothers day; not any presents…perhaps a home made card, a big squeeze and a Thank you. Okay, maybe just one more thing…a lay in.

I was contacted by SHEilds, a Health and safety organisation and asked to contribute to a Mothers day e book. Exciting, eh? After agonising for days, scratching my head over how I could possibly link Mothering Sunday with a Health and Saftey Tip, I submitted my masterpiece. If you fancy a giggle, as well as an educational Health and Safety tip, head over to the e book to check out my earth shattering contribution.

Click here to check out the ebook: Mothers day e book or download it for free at

Have a fabulous Mothers day x




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