Cancer Survivor Day 2016

Before having children, the fear of mortality was mainly centred around the end of life as I knew it. As a mother, that fear has now shifted to the fear of the impact on those you might leave behind. The unimaginable prospect of your children being without you is one that you can only pray you never have to prepare for.

When I read the story of Heather Von St James, it moved me in so many ways. Heather was diagnosed with aggressive Mesothelioma when her new daughter was just three months old, and given a life expectancy of fifteen months. At a time when the biggest worry should be cracking the night feeds, it is simply unimaginable to be facing problems of such magnitude. Heather is an inspirational woman who has openly shared her story to allow others to understand, to celebrate with her, and to raise awareness in the ongoing battle against Cancer.



Heathers blog is an education about Mesothelioma (the Cancer caused by Asbestos). It is a message of hope for others in need of a positive story of surviving against the odds. It demands better laws and protection against the dangers of Asbestos, and reaffirms the reasons why this is so important. It is also a reminder for all Parents to count their blessings, and treasure every single sleepless night and poo explosion moment. You think you’re having a bad day? Think twice.

Cancer is everywhere – in the News, on the TV,  in the lives of real people – people who are loved, and people who are now so very missed. But with every sad tale of Cancer is an opposing story of bravery, like Heathers.

“When hope is in the equation, Odds don’t matter”

Heather Von St James

Everyone has a unique web of Cancer stories. Lost family members, colleagues, friends…but also inspiring tales of survival, of courage, of support and of miracles. Today is National Cancer Survivors day,  is “a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.”

Last week my Nan started her first round of Chemotherapy for stage four cancer on her lungs. She is 83 and whilst some may think this is a tough process to endure at her twilight years, they would be wrong. She is a fighter. With plenty of life still in her I believe she is a survivor. She has survived a world war, being evacuated INTO London during the Blitz, losing two husbands and her twin sister after 83 years together. Filled with spirit, a twinkle in her eye and still one to enjoy getting dressed up and having a little glass of wine, she is a  remarkable, fierce lady. Cancer may take her ability to climb the stairs without fighting for breath, but it cannot take her determination and will to keep fighting for the life she still wants to live.


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