The benefits of sleep – Mums need sleep too

Mums have a magical solution to fix any type of issues, right? Well, if your kids think so, then you’re obviously doing a good job. But ‘perfection’ requires quite a huge amount of dedication, which can get immensely tiresome at the end of the day. What being a mother also requires is a lot of time, which, among many other things, usually leaves you with few hours of sleep.

Have you ever considered how damaging that could be in the long run, and just how much more you could achieve by simply sleeping enough?  Those seven hours per night could give you the energy you need to chase your dreams and put in the work for miracles. Let me tell you about the fabulous benefits of sleep and just how much improving your sleep hygiene could do for you.

1. Sleeping Properly Can Make You Feel Like a Million Dollars

Getting good quality sleep will keep you focused and it will keep your hormone levels balanced towards a happy state. According to a recent study made by the University of Warwick, this is quite the happiness, since it has been compared to winning the lottery. Imagine how it would feel to win the EuroMillions jackpot and then keep in mind that you could feel like that as well by sleeping correctly. The scientists behind this study compared hormonal levels in recent lottery winners and people who had been working on improving their sleep.

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If this doesn’t make sense, then you should do some research about sleep hygiene principles because these will literally change your life. In a nutshell, all you need to do is make sure that the place you sleep is intended for slumber only so that you can relax and that you dedicate your sleep time to doing just this. This means no more sneaking Netflix time, reading that novel you’ve had on your shelf for so long. Sleeping time should mean peace, quiet, and relaxation.

2. Sleeping Enough Will Help You Preserve Your Energy

Your body needs time to recharge your batteries. Just like your phone will start working poorly if you only charge it 10% at a time, so will your body. While you can work with less than the optimal sleep time for quite an extended period, this will always come back to take its tow. And as any mother knows, the first year come with the deepest of sleep deprivation periods.

But as your kids get older and you gain access to more hours of sleep per night, you should take the opportunity and get some rest. This will help your body stay healthy and the way that you will feel this is having more energy to do all the things you have on your list. You may be tempted to think that cutting down on sleep time will give you the space to do more, but this can only work in extraordinary situations. If you want a daily energy boost, improve your sleep and you will get it.

3. Controlling Your Sleep Environment Will Keep You Healthy

This is part of the sleep hygiene principles I mentioned above. The place where you sleep must be one that you associate with relaxation. So, the way to start this is to exclude all stressors. This includes everything from your computer and TV to any other work-related items. What you should be left with should be things that help you relax.

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This means that you can keep scented candles, blankets, and as many pillows as you want. Add some music to this in the evening and it will get you to sleep in no time. Moreover, it will help you get some of that good-quality sleep that permits your body not only to recharge, but to actually heal and maintain a working health state.

I hope that these small changes will help you get some of that well-deserved sleep. I also hope that they will help you stay healthy and get that inner uplifting feeling that you need in the morning as a mum. For a few hours a night, you can concentrate on what you need and what makes you feel good. It could change your life, I promise.

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