7 quick wins to being a healthier mum

I’m no health guru by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have a go at trying to look after myself here and there. As a busy mum of two, it’s easy to put yourself last, so here’s a few tips and cheats to share. I’m sure some of them have helped me squeeze back into my pre baby jeans, and, even more importantly, given me the energy to get through each day!

1. Green tea

Ok, so I’m partial to the odd brew. Or twenty seven. In order to minimise the negative impact of too much tea / coffee I’ve switched to green tea which has health benefits due to the antioxidants it’s packed with. I mix up decaf green tea in the afternoons with caffeinated in the mornings…no explanation required.

2. Spiralise

I love pasta but find it bloats me and sits pretty heavy on the stomach. I really fancied giving spiralising a go, and subtly requested a Hemsley Hemsley model for my bday. Maybe, a childhood scar of always wanting a play dough hairdresser set. It is as much fun as it looks, and courgetti really is an amazing alternative to pasta. It tastes delicious with pesto or a tomato ragu. Even Mr G is in love, and he’s a pie and mash kinda bloke. #win The kids and I have had great fun making sweet potato spiral baked chips and curly coleslaw. Beware…It’s razor sharp, so not one for kids to use without major supervision!

heavily supervised toddler spiralising
3. Coconut oil

I saw on this morning, (Classy I know) that this new health fad is all the rage. Bought in a jar, resembling vaseline in consistency, it’s a fab alternative to  other oils for cooking as it contains medium chain triglycerides which help break down body fat. It tastes very coconutty so I have only used it in curries to date, but it’s great stirred into coffee, smoothies or even used as a lip balm. It has natural antibacterial properties due to the high Lauric acid content. Other random uses include cuticle cream, base for make up, eye make up removal, dry skin treatment. Basically, you need a jar in your life.

4. Smoothies

if like me, you serve up your darling children a rainbow mountain of fresh fruit and  vegetables with every meal then grab yourself a dry cracker, this is for you. We always have a well stocked fruit bowl / fridge, but I just don’t seem to remember to fuel my own body too well. Frozen fruit bags are a reliable back up and make a fab chilled smoothie. Add some seeds for extra nutritional value and plenty of raw greens. You just gave yourself a quick hit of your 5 a day…down in one (but a bit more beneficial than those pound a pint nights in your twenties). I tried a cheap model, but it was an epic fail…blended up part of the blender in some baby food, so we did then invest in the high end nutribullet…And have never looked back.

5. The waters great, come on in….

I have been known to glug back a tommee tippee cup of water out on a play date. Nowadays, I always try and pack that third bottle of water for myself. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. Back in the BF days I could drink pints of water like a student drinks pints at freshers week, so I’ve tried to keep up the good work. I’ve replaced squash with pints of water and try to get as much of the clear stuff in me as poss. I’m sure dehydration lead to a lot of headaches and the fruit juices I loved are so high in sugar. I still have a weakness for diet coke, but have cut right back.

6. The sweet potato switch

This is so simple, but I swear it’s one of my hot tips for shifting a few baby weight pounds. If chips feature In your week night dinners, switch them up for sweet potato wedges…just chopped and drizzled in a little olive oil, baked for 30-45 mins. Delicious with a little salt and chilli sauce dip. We have never looked back. I also love a baked sweet potato instead of a jacket. If the other half doesn’t fancy that, easy enough to pop in a standard jacket for them.

7. 2 Kiwis an hour before bed

Mr G swears by this. I sleep like a log when not being woken by small people, so it’s not too much of an issue for me! Chance would be a fine thing….but anyway, He read somewhere that 2 kiwis before bed makes for an amazing night sleep. There is some science behind it, as kiwis are naturally packed with antioxidants and serotonin, which not only affects moods, but the body’s regulation of sleep patterns. According to him, it works a dream (no pun intended), so worth a go if you’re struggling in the sleep department independent of child induced noise pollution.

Go get em

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12 thoughts on “7 quick wins to being a healthier mum

  1. Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum) Reply

    ok I agree with all except number 7 which I’ve not tried, will have to now as my sleep pattern is awful!! #weighlosestay

  2. Leanne Cornelius Reply

    Great tips.
    I’m pretty good with water, I drink loads, apparently now that I’m on maternity leave from work they aren’t replacing the water bottles anywhere near as often, my boss told me this!
    I absolutely love sweet potato chips L)


  3. honestme363 Reply

    Great info thanks for sharing!

  4. Sam Kersley Reply

    There are some really interesting points here. The Kiwi thing is quite interesting although I normally sleep pretty good now I’m running on a regular basis. But this is a fantastic post.

    1. mummuddlingthrough Reply

      Thanks Sam. That’s my next goal… Cracking the exercise again! No amount of these 7 tricks going to tone up my mum Tum lol x. MMT

  5. sriches Reply

    A really interesting post! I never knew that about Kiwi before and as sleep appears to be evading me at the moment, something I am willing to try! Water is the key for sure! Fab post! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

    1. mummuddlingthrough Reply

      Thanks Hun! Good luck and let me know if it works for you?! XMMT

  6. Helen C Reply

    I had no idea that kiwis can help you sleep. I wonder if they work on 4 year olds? Especially 4 year olds who have taken to waking their mum up every night for the last few weeks! I am shattered! Great tips 🙂 x

  7. Laura's Lovely Blog Reply

    Never heard about kiwis before, that’s really interesting. Agree on water, I have been really focussing on my water. We bought a spiraliser a week ago and I’m loving it!
    Thanks for linking to #weighloseorstay

  8. Hannah - Budding Smiles Reply

    Love these tips! I’d never heard of the kiwi thing but I use coconut oil a lot, make smoothies and am a sweet potato addict haha Going to make courgetti tonight too! Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

    1. mummuddlingthrough Reply

      Have you tried the coconut oil on your nails yet? I did it for the first time yesterday and it’s amazing! Mr G tanked up on kiwis last night and he was raving about what an amazing nights kip he had?! Let me know if it works for you! thanks for stopping by xxx MMT

  9. Kaffysoo Reply

    LOVE this, spiralized for the first time today. Felt good.

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