101 things to do with a child free morning…

“One morning a week child free! What will you do with yourself?…”

“There are literally 101 things I could do…”

No, really. I’ve spent the last couple of years daydreaming about them.

This January sees the start of another new chapter. After much deliberation, agonising, and decision making, the Mouse will be spending one morning a week in a Nursery. That’s one 5 hour session in which she can spread her bat-girl-crazy wings and start to experience a little bit of life away from the confines of Mummy.

Oh God, the guilt is creeping in again even writing this. But I’ve had words with myself several times. She WILL love it (as demonstrated during the tour when she cried when she had to leave). It will be GOOD for her to develop some much needed social skills (and her sister, the main victim of her mischievous ways). Plus just one day a week someone else will be stepping up to the battle of meal times which is going to help her realise meal times are not a conspiracy against her. LOADS of people do it, yes people who are not just in need of childcare because they are at work. And, let’s be honest, it’s going to do me the world of good too. Just. One. Morning. To. Myself.

I still can’t quite believe it.

So, just what am I going to do?

Be Uber productive…

  • Clean the house like a boss whilst…
  • …listening to music of my choosing very loudly.
  • Nail the discount food shop every week and not resort to a Tesco delivery because I can’t face taking the kids shopping.
  • Sort out the cupboard under the stairs avalanche.
  • Do some gardening come spring, rather than watch the hubby do it from indoors whilst washing up.
  • Get on top of that kin-keeping. Never will a birthday be missed again.
  • Iron a few bits and bobs – maybe even the hubbys shirts I keep promising to do ‘when I have time’.
  • Sort out the drawers that won’t shut due to epic clothing overload.
  • Ebay some bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to forever.
  • Be master of the laundry pile, never to be overflowing again.

Be SO Lazy…

  • Go straight back to bed and maybe stay there a little while.
  • Lay on the sofa and watch daytime TV…
  • ..or maybe a movie…or maybe both.
  • Soak in a ridiculously bubbly bath…
  • then blow dry my hair…
  • and straighten it. *AMEN*
  • If the sun’s out, then this Mum might just be out…on a lounger…
  • …reading a good book…
  • …or taking a nap.
  • Or maybe having a friend over for tea and natter with no distractions and no carnage to clean up afterwards.

But I’m definitely going to use the time to get in SUCH good shape. My plan is to…

  • Go for a long run, without worrying if it’s time that I headed back.
  • Or have a relaxing swim.
  • Or dust off and refurb my old bike (and helmet).
  • I could even dig out that old Geordie shore lass workout DVD.
  • Whilst drinking a freshly blended smoothie.
  • Maybe I’ll walk to do the nursery pick up, having all this time on my hands.
  • But that would cut down on my time to write a weekly meal plan.
  • I will definitely do 100 sit ups to kiss that Mum Tum goodbye.
  • Maybe get motivated to join a gym?
  • Or even just drink a bit more water.

And then there’s all that time for pampering.

  • My legs will be smoother than a baby’s bum,
  • and my eyebrows will be threaded into a celebrity shape weekly without fail.
  • I’ll be exfoliated,
  • cleansed,
  • moisturised,
  • dressed in style (as opposed to in the dark).
  • Maybe even sporting heels
  • My skin might be polished with just a little spot of tinted moisturiser,
  • lashes licked in mascara,
  • and my nails – well there may even be time to trim them all to one length. Imagine. High times.

What about all those things for ME, that have been parked…

  • I’m definitely going to start back up with my self taught guitar playing while the house is empty (poor neighbours). It’s never too late to headline Glasto, right?
  • My DSLR will be dusted off and mastered. Family portraits and instagram perfection awaits.
  • Every photo will be printed off using a handy app, never to be forgotten about and become too epic a task again.
  • And every photo will be labelled in a gorgeous album.
  • Then there’s that beautiful colouring book I got last Christmas which has had barely a tenth of a page completed, for fear of scribble hijackers. Yes, I’ll be so serene as I meditate through colouring in.
  • My novel, the one that resides inside me. Maybe it could be time to let it flow?
  • The tattoo I have always wanted to design…
  • and have done. This could be my chance.
  • And I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish.
  • Or maybe I’ll just grab a friend and head to that beautiful tea room, the one with the gorgeous china which we NEVER take our kids to, since THAT day.

I could be the most amazing Mum, wife for them too…

  • The bed linen would be fresh weekly
  • School uniforms and toddler clothes could maybe be introduced to an iron too?
  • Dinner prepared in advance, thus a smiling calm Mummy come 5pm.
  • I could do all that boring life admin so time together is pure playtime.
  • I might be queen of the sock pairing.
  • I could bake some amazing cakes…
  • …or home made pies, his favourite dinner.
  • Scrutinise the accounts……and keep on top of all the banky stuff.
  • Make his sandwiches for work and save us a small fortune in London lunches.
  • File and action the mountain of letters piled by the front door.

But then again, I could get lost in reading…the opportunities are endless…

  • Magazines
  • Blog posts
  • The Daily Fail App (Nooo!)
  • Proper paper books
  • Recipe books
  • My planner, to make sure my life is in check.
  • The half finished books in my kindle from the last holiday
  • An actual  newspaper. How retro.
  • Something educational…maybe even learn something new.
  • Or just lose a couple of hours reading tweets.

And then I could blog about it.

  • I’ll have time to create endless new material.
  • I’ll redesign my home page,
  • and a beautiful new logo.
  • I’ll do that housekeeping audit that’s so recommended.
  • Maybe even sign up for one of these blogging courses.
  • Then I’ll nail the monetising of the blog,
  • add in a load of advertising,
  • and affiliate links,
  • and get writing all the sponsored content they’ll be knocking down my door to write, but
  • whilst I’m dripping in hot new gear I’ve been sent to review.

Oh yes, it’s going to work wonders for my blog. Although not according to my four year old, who advised me what I should do in my new found free time:

  • “Get a job”
  • Maybe she’s right. Crap, I need to rewrite my CV.
  • And update my LinkedIn profile.
  • Get busy meeting old colleagues for coffee.
  • Search the web for the elusive decent part time jobs.
  • Fill in some epic application forms.
  • Panic over interview outfits.
  • Attend medicals.
  • Stalk potential employers online.
  • Bumble through some very bad interview experiences.

Oh crikey. These child free moments might just be fading before my eyes. Better make the most of them.

  • Full english breakfast this week anyone?
  • Hell, maybe I’ll go and get my nails done.
  • Or book in for a massage.
  • Or go shopping for some new season clobber.
  • But I also need to do a bit of online banking…WTF!
  • Coffee morning at mine next week girls?
  • Excuse the mess, I’m having a sort out for a boot fair.
  • And those bags, they’re heading to cash for clothes.
  • Boxes of CD’s…all ready to go to Music Magpie.
  • Those bags, oh, they are being returned to Topshop later.

But there will always be time for one more thing… to miss the girls like mad. Over a Cuppa, staring into space. It’s so quiet without them. I wonder what they are up to? If they are okay? Can’t wait till we are all back together…oh, is that the time already?


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