Pronamel Giveaway: Brush your teeth, or they’ll fall out*

*Other methods of encouraging good oral health in kids are available.

Do you think the threat of teeth falling out might be a little traumatic? I’m sure it’s how I was told as a child?!

Seriously though, what is it with children and their aversion to brushing their teeth? We’ve always set a good example, and have had Tigs sucking on a tiny toothbrush from when her first tiny tooth appeared, four years ago. But, it seems no amount of persuasion can convince her it’s a good idea. We are generally met with horror at the very mention of ‘toothbrush time’. She recently ran away shouting “Disgusting!” at the very suggestion. Strange!

Clearly, as responsible parents we don’t want our kids to develop bad habits when it comes to looking after their teeth. We have tried explaining why it’s important and the consequences of not doing it. But, it seems it’s an ongoing battle we aren’t winning just yet.

Any ideas anyone?

One of my biggest worries is that both girls are total fruit bats, ketchup fiends, and in all honesty, they like the occasional sweet treat. So, with foods high in sugar and acidity in their diet, I know it’s important to prevent decay and acid erosion. Oh yes, we know the text book guide- but the trouble seems to be that children don’t always seem to care for the ‘rules of life’, do they?

I’ve never had a fear of the dentists before, but suddenly, I’m terrified when I take the girls in case an examination into their mouths leaves me guilty as charged of neglecting their teeth and being berated as worst parent of the year. I mean on the whole we aim for the twice a day rule, but sometimes, there’s a lot going on, emotions are running high and you need to pick your battles on those days, don’t you?

Sensodyne Pronamel contacted me and sent me some brilliant advice on how I can protect the girls precious enamel, in their Sensodyne Pronamel for children bitesize guide. Their hamper also contained some goodies to gently encourage the girls to brush regularly; stickers are always a hit in that field, as well as some bits to make the dreaded ‘toothbrush time’ more fun. In a nutshell, the guys at Pronamel recommend to:

  1. Limit the number of occasions your child has acidic food and drinks in a day
  2. Avoid brushing teeth right after eating or drinking acidic foods and drinks
  3. Nibble on a small piece of cheese after meals, or swill with water or milk
  4. Use a glass and straw and finish a drink quickly
  5. Brush twice a day with an optimised fluoride toothpaste

To find out more, visit

To win your own pack of goodies, including an animal toothbrush holder, an animal tap extender, a wash bag, a hand towel, tooth reward stickers, and tubes of Pronamel adult & childrens toothpaste, follow the rafflecopter giveaway below.


Good luck my friends…with the tooth brushing, as well as the giveaway.


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