Keeping young kids comfy in hot weather

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Warmer weather is, fingers crossed, on its way. It’s unlikely to be a scorching April, but it’s hopefully safe to say that we’ve left the frosts and storms behind and we are moving into brighter times. It’s certainly starting to look and feel a lot like spring.

Spring, is fantastic. It’s warm, but not too hot. There’s a promise of what’s to come, but it’s ok if it rains a little or there’s a bad day. No hopes are dashed by a bit of Springtime rain. It’s also perfect for kids. They can play outside without burning or getting so hot that they are uncomfortable. It’s still cool at night, so they sleep soundly, and there are fewer bugs and bees to worry about.

Summer, especially if it’s a scorcher like last year, is a different beast. We often assume that once the baby phase is over, we won’t need to worry about keeping our kids warm, or cooling them down and protecting them from the sun. But, this isn’t the case. In fact, when they are babies, it can be easier. At least when they are babies we’ve got control. When they get a little bigger, they are old enough to throw off their sunglasses and hats, old enough to stay in the sun playing for far too long and old enough to cry when we try to bring them into the shade, but not old enough to understand the long term consequences of a little summer discomfort. Let’s take a look at some ways to keep little ones comfortable in hot weather.

Find the Right Footwear

Whether your kids are running around by a busy pool on holiday, traipsing through the grass in the park, or running across a slippery decking in your garden, where the paddling pool has spilled over, there are slipping hazards. Little people love to run but don’t quite have the balance of an adult. In the wrong shoes, they can slip easily or hurt their feet on something spiky. In trainers, their little feet can get very hot and sweaty, but flip-flops are likely to keep falling off, rub and drive them mad.

Shoes like crocs can be ideal, especially if you can find the best price crocs. They’ll keep their feet cool and comfortable while keeping them safe and protected. These are especially useful on the beach or around the pool when you are on holiday.

Move Naps

If your child is still napping, trying to reorganise your routines a little so that they are inside and napping during the hottest part of the day. If they’ve been playing outside all morning, they’ll be tired, and a short nap after lunch means they are out of the hottest sun, and safe from its rays. You might want to consider investing in a fan, to help them to nap and sleep at night.

Loose Clothing

Babies can happily spend all summer in nappies and vests. In the privacy of your own garden slightly older children might be happier like this too. But, you, or they, might feel more comfortable adding a loose layer. Stick to baggy fitting shorts and t-shirts and summer dresses that are less likely to overheat or rub their delicate skin. Avoid things like denim shorts or tight tops.

Plenty of Water
Water or very dilute cordial is ideal in hot weather, especially when it’s very humid and sweat and other fluids are evaporating quickly. Make sure water is always on hand, and be willing to stop their play for a big drink every hour.

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