6 fun ways to get the kids excited about going back to school

Even if you have an eager beaver all through the school year, after six weeks of getting comfy at home any kid’s going to be a bit reluctant about going back to school. Ways of easing them out of their summer routine are many and varied, so here’s some tried-and-tested favourites below.

  1. Uniform shopping

Chances are last year’s uniform is looking a bit sorry for itself, or your kids have sprouted right out of it. By involving your little ones in choosing or collecting their new uniform and school shoes, they’ll soon get back into the swing of things.

Save the hassle of traipsing around your local department store and instead size up at home. Simply order some shoes from the Tu at Sainsbury’s School Shop right from your sofa and have them delivered or pick them up together when you’re ready.

  1. Looking ahead

Give your kids something to look forward to by helping them write a list of things they’d love to learn about this coming year – it’s just like schoolwork but they won’t even know it. You could ask them what they enjoyed most about the previous year to get them thinking. Little ones will love decorating their work, with pictures of their school, friends and favourite things.

  1. Exciting stationery

While uniform is a staple, letting the kids choose some fun, colourful stationery will give them a real incentive to go back to school, especially if you keep it to one side so it’s for school use only. These days it’s possible to pick up fun new pencil case essentials for just about any child, from toddler to teen.

  1. Fun packed lunches

If you have to pack lunches for school, it needn’t be a dreary task for you to make or for the kids to eat. Look into some new packed lunch ideas and recipes and let them choose what to have for the first day back. Here are some out-of-the-box packed lunch ideas to get you started.

  1. Playdate time

Even if you’ve been keeping in touch with school friends over summer, just before they go back it’s nice to have a playdate and get the kids talking about school. When there’s the inevitable upset of their friend having to go home, you can remind your little one that they’ll have loads more fun playing with them back at school soon.

  1. Share school day stories

If you can remember all that way back, sharing stories and recounting happy memories from your school days is a good way to convince the kids that school is exciting. Plus you can have some quality downtime and get to know a little more about each other – showing them you’re not that different after all.

Do you have to get your kids excited about going back to school after the holidays? What tricks do you use?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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