Mass Exodus : When it’s time to clear the baby gear

Over the last few weeks we have had to face something we’ve been putting off for a while now. You could say we have put it at the back of our minds, or more accurately, shoved it in the top of our house.

If you, like us, are pretty sure your baby making days are done, you might have navigated this conundrum too. When is the right time to move along all the baby paraphernalia.

The pram, the car seat, the bouncy chair, the endless bags of clothes, the play mat, the bumbo, the high chair, the cot, the moses basket, the walkers, the jumperoo, the endless amounts of STUFF that having a family accumulates, that until now you’ve kept to one side ‘just in case’.

Of course for some the solution is more clear cut. Whether due to storage or circumstance, that stuff had to go sooner rather than later, and sensibly moved it along as each piece became redundant. For many, like us, a dark and dusty corner of our home has housed the remnants of the baby days, until the time comes you feel ready to say goodbye.

Although I’m not sure I was 100% ready to say goodbye, head over heart and the imminent loft extension meant that for us, that day had come. And so, as I’ve already passed on each of the Mouses outgrown clothes on, it was time to backdate the clearance and get the loft cleared.

But what do we do with it all?



Yep, with a bit of hesitation we uploaded about ten or so high value items in an okay state to the buy and sell site, eBay. Having dabbled in the past and had our fingers burnt with a few troublesome customers, it’s been a risk that we hope will literally pay off. So far so good, and with half of it sold I’m midway through the process of packing and shipping the stuff out and actually completing the transactions without any complaints, lost in transits, or ‘it’s not what we wanted after all’s. Granted there are other selling apps available, but I know and trust eBay’s system, and I felt it’d bring the widest audience. Sometimes it’s better the devil you know…

Luckily for us the sun shone for one day only and we could get the pram looking in pretty good shape..


Sadly, we don’t have any new baby girls around us, or perhaps lucky for them as they’d have been in line for a few sacks of vests and barely used babygrows. Fortunately we do have some contacts in social services and after a quick conversation we happily packed off some bits and pieces to some Mums who needed them far more than we ever did.

Barnardo's logo

A load more sacks of bits that we couldn’t face the EBay kerfuffle for made their way to a brilliant Barnardo’s shop that’s open 7 days a week, with a car park outside. I love that they track your sales and update you on how much money your items raised every few months.

Hand me down baby

As well as the charity shops, we try to pass on as much as we can to friends and family with kids the right age. A few bits have gone to a close friend, whose daughter is already direct in line and inheriting bits as we outgrow them, and our new nephew got a few gender neutral bits and pieces too. Hand me downs have literally saved our skin over the years and it’s always nice to see a little baby you know and love casually rocking an outfit you once squished your tiny baby in.

The tip

Sadly, for some bits there was no choice but to dump. Car seats that couldn’t be verified for safety, toys that had black mould, stained clothes, electrical goods that had seen their day, old bottles that were barely used. It feels all kind of wrong to bin stuff that could do someone in need a good turn, but all avenues exhausted, some bits were destined for the scrap heap.

Dolls clothes

The girls had just entered a new phase of doll play thanks to their brand new Baby Born dolls, and having been scrutinising the online shops for dolls clothes, I decided to bag up a few (load) of baby grows, vests and outfits in newborn and 0-3 months. They’re a generous fit, but the girls don’t seem to mind and have had a great time dressing the dolls for every occasion. I’ll pass them along when the time is right.

The keepers

I’m a bit of a sentimental fool, so it was inevitable that some key pieces were bagged up and kept to store permanently. First shoes, christening outfit, baby Christmas crushed velvet dresses, tiny converse, hand made cardigans, snow suits and my baby wearing wrap. I know how many memories some of these things hold for us all, so I had no issues assigning a big laundry bag ‘baby things to keep’. Perhaps one day the girls would like to see their coming home from hospital outfit? Or show their children the ‘old fashioned’ clothes Nanny used to dress them in. It’s a lovely thought and I know I won’t regret it.

I just need to work out where the stuff is all going to go post loft conversion, when in direct competition with my shoes and the Christmas decorations, but one day at a time…


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