Changing nappies, Changing times: A Bepanthen giveaway – Win £50 John Lewis voucher & 6 months supply of Bepanthen

Before we had the kids, I’d say my nappy changing skills were, along with my parenting skills, pretty basic. I guess I kind of had a head start, as I have four younger siblings who were all born after my teenage years, so although I probably didn’t jump at every opportunity, there must have been the odd nappy change in there in all my babysitting stints. But, nothing prepared me for the onslaught that the nappy changing days would bring to our finances, our technique and our squeamishness. I mean, you really know you’re a mum when you’re openly describing the colour and texture of your newborn’s bowel movement openly and with gusto.

Like most new parents, we fell foul to the first nappy mistake. Believing we were totally winning at parenthood, as the due date of our first born approached we stealth purchased nappies and wipes with every shop; stockpiling them in every wardrobe and under bed cavity in preparation for the apocalypse, or just at least the days we may not be able to even reach Tesco direct to arrange an online delivery.

The downside of this technique however is that you are basically buying blind – with no clue what brand or size we wanted to roll with, we ended up with no nappies small enough, box loads of wipes that drove me mad by their flimsy tearing apart ness, and an excess of size 1 nappies about 15 packs strong.

So anyway, with all the gear and no idea we got to work changing nappies at an unbelievable rate of about one every ten minutes. However, there was one thing we had not considered… nappy rash.

Nappy rash was something that we hadn’t seen coming but both of our girls suffered from it at one time or another. Of course, we learnt the hard way about protecting against it and discovered that cutting corners could have horrible consequences for those delicate little bums. Anyone who has ever had to go to a health visitor with a distressed baby, bottom sore from nasty nappy rash won’t forget it in a hurry.

That’s why we protected against the causes of nappy rash using the nappy care ointment, Bepanthen, which was recommended to me by a couple of other mums. We loved Bepanthen because it doesn’t contain any staining colours, fragrance, preservatives or zinc oxide and is so gentle on the skin you can use it at every nappy change. It rubs in really easily and the flip top cap makes it a doddle (even before you’ve mastered the Jedi art of nappy changing) which is why it has been part of our bedtime routine for many years.

Of course, all the other lotions and potions; the support team of the nappy change, had a big part to play too. We trialled them all at some time or another, under recommendations of friends, our Mums, and all of the ‘top tip’ advice army that surface once you’ve had a baby. But we found a good wipe, discovered wipe warmers and a nappy care ointment like Bepanthen was all we needed. Sometimes it’s all too easy to get carried away with “trends” and new products but to save your wallet and your storage a whole lot of stress, just keep to the essentials.

But that’s not the only habit we acquired to protect our babies’ precious little bottoms. There was so much we had to learn. So much we thought we knew best – like the eagerness to crack on with the wet wipe stage, like it was going to be some exciting life changing milestone. Those health visitors do talk a thing or two of sense, and cotton wool and water is actually your friend with a newborn, whose delicate little peachy bum need not touch a wet wipe until it’s adjusted to this world. Of course, second time around we were holding on to the cotton wool and water like we were the baby grows and pram top. Fully aware how fast these tiny days will fly by, and in no hurry to rush along.

For our first born only the most designer brands of nappies would do. As though popping a cheap nappy on our darling was loving her a little less, we would turn our nose up at anything other than a leading brand. Now, it’s laughable. The money we could have saved on nappies! Six years of parenting has taught us a thing or two about buying nappies. And actually, the bargain buys, the shops own brand are actually, really good quality. So just find a brand that work for you and stick to it – designer or not!

The technique of nappy changing was something that grew with us. To begin with, the nappy could only be changed on the changing table, with baby in the right direction, and all necessary equipment to hand, including a small toy for distraction and a fresh nappy open and ready, a bowl of warm water and cotton wool, Bepanthen, and an open and ready nappy sack. Anything other than this set up sent me into brain malfunction. But it’s important to be able to change a nappy anywhere. I’ll never forget being at a sports day with friends and their kids, and tiny Tigs needing a change. No toilets, no baby changing station, no privacy. As pure panic hit me, my friend, whose two older children were of school age whipped the baby onto her lap, and in a magical layering of nappies type fashion got the job done in three seconds flat. I was in awe.

And so now with our days of nappy changing drawing to an end, I hope what I learnt along the way might help any of you, new parents muddling through.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bepanthen 


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The giveaway is for 1 x baby bundle, consisting of a six-month supply of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, a cuddly toy and a £50 John Lewis voucher. The giveaway closes at 12.00am (GMT) one month after launch (10 May 2018) and is open to UK entrants over the age of 18 years

Rafflecopter including these entry options and more:

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The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted within three days of the giveaway closing. The winner has 28 days to claim their prize and provide their contact details. The prize will be sent to the winner directly from Bepanthen within ten working days of the prize being claimed by the winner. The prize is non-transferable. There is no cash alternative. The giveaway is run by Mum Muddling Through in conjunction with Bepanthen.

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37 thoughts on “Changing nappies, Changing times: A Bepanthen giveaway – Win £50 John Lewis voucher & 6 months supply of Bepanthen

  1. tracyknixon Reply

    Change nappy regularly and use a good barrier cream.

  2. cheryl hadfield Reply

    always use a barrier cream and let baby have some nappy free time so air can get to the skin

  3. Kerry H Reply

    Definitely change the nappy regularly and any sign of redness put a barrier cream on the skin.

  4. Liam Bishop Reply

    Our daughter hasn’t ever had much nappy rash, but our son has it a lot. We just try and do some nappy free time where we can and we have tried various creams to see what works!

  5. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    Bepanthan was the one baby product I knew about before having a baby after being told to use on my tattoo! I thdn went onto use it on my boys when I became a mum.

  6. Emma - Island Living 365 Reply

    Oh I swore by Bepanthen with our two. With Oldest it was very much trial and error and it was only after we discovered this cream that the nappy rash ceased to be an issue. Changing nappies on a regular basis and making sure they are properly dry and using this cream kept the nappy rash at bay!

  7. Becky O’Haire Reply

    I didn’t discover Bepanthen until my third baby! And I found it brilliant. I tried every type of nappy but stuck with my one fav then. This is a fab giveaway!!

  8. Kim Styles Reply

    regular nappy changes , daily baths with careful drying and applying barrier cream and lots of time without a nappy when possible. I never had a problem with my children having nappy rash .

  9. Jenny Curtis Reply

    Loads of great tips here, my daughter only had bad nappy rash when she had a tummy bug, it was awful to see! Barrier cream works wonders clearing it up. #coolmumclub

  10. Talya Stone Reply

    I have to say I am so pleased my nappy changing days are over it can be so stressful but practice makes perfect and having the right gear to hand is the holy grail….of which nappy cream is a must! Good to be back with you at #coolmumclub hun xoxo

  11. Helen - cooking with my kids Reply

    Some nappy brands seem to make nappy rash worse so for us it was finding a good nappy (in the end a cheap supermarket one) and using a barrier cream when needed. (After almost 5 years I can still only change a nappy if they’re facing in one direction – it’s impossible the other way round!) #coolmumclub

  12. viewfromthebeachchair Reply

    Good products for little bums. #coolmumclub

  13. thisscribblermum Reply

    Thankfully I somehow knew the importance of barrier cream when we were preparing the baby things we needed for our first child. So, nappy rash is one problem that we don’t need to worry about even now with our second baby. prevention is always better than cure. #coolmumclub

  14. Kat Reply

    We are hoping to use a mix of reusable and eco-friendly nappies as I’ve heard they are a bit more gentle on the skin, as well as changing regularly and using a good barrier cream to prevent nappy rash. It really is horrible. #coolmumclub

  15. letsdisvoverbookstogether Reply

    Change nappies often works well and use sudocream for nappy rash

  16. TASHA (@battynatty29) Reply

    I always allow my daughter to have nappy free time

  17. Hannah Smalley Reply

    Trying to keep a wriggly baby still enough to put on the much needed barrier cream can be frustrating- I found having a little rattle or soft toy to hand ready to distract my little boy helped the process

  18. Kerry H Reply

    Change my baby’s nappies regularly and put barrier cream on as soon as there’s any sign of pink skin!

  19. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Give them some fresh air, just before bath time is ideal, I think it helps

  20. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Change regularly and use cream after cleaning

  21. Annie Reply

    My little guy has a very sensitive bottom, fresh air and washable wipes were amazing for his delicate skin! Baby number two on the way shortly and we’re going to be using reuseable nappies this time – hoping they work well for nappy rash!

  22. kayleigh watkins Reply

    Vaseline is a great barrier on nappy rash, it can also be used in top of nappy cream to keep it from soaking into nappy xxx

  23. Annmarie Crawford Reply

    I use barrier cream but the bestate thing I found is to leave his nappy off as much as I can this really helped

  24. lozzle77 Reply

    having nappy free time which when its nice weather is great in the garden

  25. Anthony Harrington Reply

    we always used a barrier cream and left nappy off whenever possible.

  26. john prendergast Reply

    Change nappy regularly and have plenty of nappy free time

  27. CHERRY Lloyd Reply

    air your baby’s skin regularly, that means time with nappy off for me. Wash, dry thoroughly and change nappies as soon as soiled. Use a good quality skin care regime and apply cream when rash first appears.

  28. Karen Barrett Reply

    I like terry nappies, use a barrier cream and leave baby with no nappy on the changing mat whenever possible

  29. Ren Taylor Reply

    Change often, use water and cotton wool and a barrier cream

  30. Faye Reed Reply

    Make sure the babys bum is completely dry before putting anything on and always use a barrier cream x

  31. harley Richardson Reply

    I always find leaving babies nappy off for a little while whilst they have a wiggle on the changing mag really helps the skin to breathe.

  32. gemma hendry Reply

    change nappies regularly and use bepanthen

  33. Lynsey Buchanan Reply

    Never leave baby in a nappy with Poo and urine as this causes a reaction that causes nappy rash

  34. mandy harper Reply

    Change and cleanse regularly followed by a good barrier cream.I also used to let baby have a good kick without a nappy on when it was warm enough too x

  35. Jane Chandler Reply

    Regular nappy change and bepantham is good against nappy rashes

  36. Jayne T Reply

    Use a good cream, change nappies often and allow a little nappy free time.

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