Why vinyl flooring is ideal for busy family homes

Family homes can often be an area of controlled chaos, and for this reason, it’s important to think about more than just the aesthetics of your home when designing and decorating it. One aspect which really needs to be thought about carefully is your flooring.

Not only do you have to think about the different needs of each room along with how it looks and fits in with your style, but also how those in your home will interact and be able to manage it. 


Busy family homes often require a lot of maintenance. As much as we all love our kids, there aren’t many of us who love the cleaning that comes with them and the time it can take. Flooring is often one area where cleaning can take a particularly long time. Carpet, for example, can be a real challenge to fully clean without the use of specialist machinery that many of us don’t keep around our home. 

Vinyl flooring, in comparison, is very easy to clean and can be done so much quicker than carpet. Even with light and regular cleaning, vinyl will look fantastic, and you can then do a deeper clean once a year or simply when you need it. Thanks to its design, vinyl flooring is also stain and water-resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Spilt liquids or dropped food can easily be wiped up without the risk of a stain developing. 


Having flooring which can stand up to the challenges of daily life, especially in a busy family, is a challenge. Your floors must withstand kids playing, pets running around, friends coming over, and all the weather challenges we have in a year. However, vinyl flooring is exceptionally durably, making it a fantastic option when choosing flooring for your family home. 

As mentioned, carpets and wood flooring can stain easily, and ceramic tiles and natural wood flooring can also become scuffed, chipped, and even cracked after a while. Thanks to the construction of vinyl flooring, which is made using multiple treated layers, this is not an issue. 


As we all have our own individual styles, it can seem like a challenge to find the exact type of flooring that will suit this. Furthermore, each room in your home may have a slightly different style, meaning you can’t have the same flooring in each. Thankfully, there are countless options when it comes to vinyl flooring. These options also extend to vinyl flooring, which is designed to look like other materials you may like the look of, but not the practicality. For example, natural stone and wood flooring can look fantastic, but they both have significant downsides, making them unsuitable for many family homes. But with vinyl flooring, you can have this style without the drawbacks! 


It’s important for a family home to feel comfortable for everyone in it, and your flooring can play a big part in this. Vinyl flooring, along with being highly durable, is also comfortable underfoot. For this reason, you do not just have to use vinyl in rooms where it has traditionally been used. While it still makes an excellent choice for your kitchen and bathroom, vinyl will also work brilliantly in your living room and bedrooms, thanks to it being warm and comfortable underfoot. 

One way you can make vinyl even more comfortable is by installing underfloor heating. This can be a fantastic addition to your home and make those cold winter mornings much easier to deal with! Vinyl works brilliantly with underfloor heating, so it’s worth considering this when changing your flooring or building a new home. 

Overall, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for any family home, and there is no limit to where you can install it. Finding the style that suits you and your needs is the most important thing, as you want your flooring to be something you and your family will love for years to come! 

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