Great ways to keep the kids entertained at home

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Boredom has undoubtedly been one of the most defining emotions of this pandemic era. Indeed, many surveys conducted during the initial lockdown revealed that more than 50% of people concerned about the pandemic’s impact on their well-being reported feeling bored. Since children quickly lose interest, keeping them entertained indoors is crucial to everyone’s sanity!

  1. Have fun with board games

In this digital age, playing board games seems like old-school fun that’s a tiring exercise for family bonding time. However, board games have several benefits that make them an attractive entertainment option, especially for children. Firstly, they’re an excellent way to get your children to have fun outside of screen time, a win-win for both parents and their kids. 

Also, board games have some practical benefits that can benefit your children’s mental and social development. According to a 2019 behavioural science study, kids who play chess develop an increased empathy and perspective since the game requires one to adopt another person’s viewpoint to predict their moves. Increased literacy, sharper thinking skills, and better problem-solving abilities are some of the other benefits your kids would enjoy if you introduced them to board games.

  1. Watch engaging TV content 

Television remains one of the mainstays of modern entertainment for children, so keeping your kids occupied with that could go a long way. Thankfully, there are great entertainment alternatives nowadays, with exciting channels that can successfully arrest your kids’ attention. These days, you can stream content online from platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix thanks to devices like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. You can even install a VPN on this streaming device to enjoy faster streaming speeds, so consider following this helpful Troypoint tutorial to guide you with the process. Remember to establish some controls to help you monitor what your kids watch.

  1. Take virtual tours

Despite the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, children are still a long way from embarking on exciting class trips to museums and other centres. Thankfully, virtual tours are popular nowadays so that you can bring the fun right into your living room. Some of the world’s most iconic locations have gone online, allowing you to tour from your mobile devices and computers. Your kids can visit places like the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the London Zoo, the National Gallery, and the Louvre from home, so consider these tours as a fun and educational way to keep them engaged during this period. 

  1. Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are the ultimate thrill for children if done right, and you can rely on them as a go-to idea to keep your children entertained. These hunts are simple to organise, inexpensive, and will genuinely keep your little ones busy long enough for you to get some tasks done. Before all else, you need to pick an engaging theme to set the tone for the entire affair so that you can experiment with a broad range of ideas ranging from detectives solving a case to pirates seeking lost treasure. Also, write out clues that are challenging without being too confusing, select a prize, and hide your clues at vantage points all around the home. Then, you can sit back and relax as your kids immerse themselves in exploring your house, which you have successfully converted into a treasure map of excitement.

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