ROLL UP ROLL UP @ThePaulosCircus comes to town

Like most kids, our daughters have been obsessed with The Greatest Showman since they first laid eyes on it. Needless to say, I knew they would jump at the chance to see a real live circus, in an actual big top with breath taking stunts, hilarious clowns, and a whole dose of #DontTryThisAtHome. 

I have vague memories of being taken to the circus as a small child, and despite not remembering the specifics, I can clearly remember the feeling of walking in to the huge big top, with damp grass beneath my feet and the smell of popcorn; the loud noises and the bright lights and a feeling of awe and wonder at this place. The years may have moulded that fuzzy memory into a scene from a movie, but despite that, it’s something I’ll always treasure.

Tigs has been to Paulos circus once before, and I suppose too, has the mouse, in utero! So a revisit was long overdue, and when we were invited to nearby Leybourne in Medway, Kent, to bring the girls to Paulos Circus 2018 Creating Memories tour, there was no stopping us.

This Saturday, we arrived at the bright pink big top, which the girls spotted on our approach. After a quick visit to the box office, tickets in hand and a quick pre-show toilet trip, we headed into the darkness, via Mr N to grab us some seats. The seats aren’t allocated so if you want to get the best view arrive early.

So much has changed in our lifetime within a circus – it’s no longer acceptable for animals to be used (I swear there were lions in my childhood circus memory catalogue) but in it’s place comes huge advances in technology which allow added dimensions, previously out of the question.

Of course many things remain the same – if it ain’t broke right? A Ringmaster, a circular stage central to the big top, a fabulous Clown, and obviously, that smell of fresh popcorn.

As the countdown to the show began in the heated tent ( it was warm in there guys – bear that in mind before you load up with coats and jumpers), none of us knew what to expect, but the team behind Paulos Circus truly delivered the greatest show. Packed with action and daredevil acts, as well as laughs and mesmerising performances Paulos Circus gave the girls a genuine Circus experience, with no clever trickery or faking – these guys are real Circus performers who have clearly trained for years to master their art.

But please kids, don’t go getting any ideas. The Mouse – I’m talking to you…

Obviously, I can’t give away the entire show as you’ll want to be filled with surprise, as we were, but here are some of our highlights…

The Wheel Of Death

What a start to the show – watch the two performers chase and ride the wheels around the pivot, defying gravity and fear to get you clinging onto your seats.

Mr N

What’s a circus without a clown?! The kids LOVED Mr N and his silly, family friendly jokes. Expect a little crowd participation too!

Mr Laser

This was actually Dad Muddling Through and my favourite section – perhaps the closest we’ll ever get back to our clubbing days! This musical laser show is an experience you have to see to believe – seeing the big top lit up in an act of dance and magic was just breathtaking.

Aerial Acrobatics

Obviously, every circus needs some air acrobatics, and this enchanting display of aerial hoop work set against spellbinding music and special effects was definitely the girls favourite part.

Juggling / Knife Throwing

Set against a James Bond theme, the knife throwing act is not for the faint hearted!


An incredible act that had us wondering HOW ON EARTH… Seriously incredible stuff right in front of your eyes.

If you fancy checking out Paulos Circus while it’s in town, it is at Leybourne Car Boot Site on the A228 (ME19 5HW) until 21 October 2018. After which it will travel to Millbrook Garden Centre, Staplehurst.

Shows are Saturday & Sunday 2pm and 4.30pm or Thursday & Friday5pm and 7.15pm Box office is open on site on show days.

Information Line: 07508 584 811 Or check out Twitter: @ThePaulosCircus Facebook: ThePaulosCircus for Showtime updates

Tickets are £7.00, any seat, any performance.


Disclosure: We were gifted our circus tickets in exchange for an honest review



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