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A day out can be just the thing to overcome that pesky cabin fever. Whether you’re venturing into the countryside, or taking on an unfamiliar city, that little bit of novelty can be just what’s in order after a long week stuck in the office (or at home). But if you don’t plan your day out, you’re probably not going to get the best from it. Just a little bit of preparation can help you cram in everything you’re looking to get from the day while still allowing for a little bit of spontaneity.

So how do you plan for a day out? Let’s run through a few tips.

Arrange your travel ahead of time

You can save money by booking train tickets in advance. You can catch a train from Purley to London Bridge and be there in a half-hour. There are trains running throughout the day, meaning you won’t have the stress of running around trying to cram everything in. If you’re travelling by car, then make sure you fill up the day before – that way you’ll have one less thing to worry about on the day itself.

Bring Spare Clothes for the Kids

While it’d be nice if everyone got to the end of the day without leaping headlong into a puddle of mud, it’s worth planning for every eventuality. That means a change of clothes. If your kids managed to get soaked, you’ll be able to slip them into something dry and salvage the remains of the day.

Pack some Snacks

Hunger can strike at a moment’s notice, and you might not have time to get to a nearby restaurant (if there is one). As such, it’s worth taking along a few choice snacks. You can store them in separate containers to avoid arguments between your children. Just as important is hydration, especially if you’re planning a day outdoors in the sun. A few bottles of water (or a favoured fruit-juice) could save you from potential disaster.

Don’t forget sun-block

Even if you aren’t going overseas, exposure to sunlight can be dangerous, especially for young children. Make sure that everyone’s sufficiently covered up, and that you’ve got enough spare to reapply midway through the day. Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats are sure to come in handy, too.

Pocket some Change

Nowadays, you can pay for almost everything via card. But the keyword here is ‘almost’. Visit a cash machine and draw out a few notes; that way you won’t be caught out by a ‘cash only’ sign. And make sure that you’ve got a few spare coins rattling around your car’s ashtray in case you need to pay for parking.

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