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If you are based in Kent and you haven’t seen a moon selfie on your social media feed over the last week, then you must be living on… the moon?

The touring art instalation created by Luke Jerram and inspired by living in Bristol and observing the tidal variations caused by the moon each day. The real imagery for the spherical 7 metre globe was created from a 23 metre wide, high resolution image from NASA. Impressive stuff.

That said, as much as I was desperate to see the moon while it eclipsed here in Kent, I wasn’t too sure how the girls would fare queuing in the cold February rain for the reported hour long wait to catch a glimpse of the lunar spectacle. With over 75,000 visitors predicted during the installation duration it was all about timing.

So I accepted our fate to miss out this time, and watched on with selfie envy, hoping there may be another opportunity, another time.

And then I remembered the kids had a bonus training day after half term, and with a blank space to fill as we wished, I traded with them a trip to the cinema, after we had been to see the Moon in Rochester.

Getting into town before ten was a touch of genius as we got parked in the short stay car park super close to the cathedral, had time for a quick drink in Tiny Tims tea room, and got to the line five minutes before opening.

Fate would have it that the main door entrance was not the main entrance door after all, and the side door adjacent to us opened up and we were encouraged to come in, allowing us to catch a rare moment of the empty cathedral, basking in the moonlight in all it’s glory.

It’s true that a photo never serves justice to the real life experience, and this moon is something you have to see to believe. There is something ethereal about it, and in the stunning setting of the cathedral walls, seeped in history and atmosphere, it really did take my breath away.

Of course as the cathedral filled and we walked the perimeter, admiring from every angle, we had to get in the standard shots (holding the moon etc) before the kids started asking whats for lunch…

We did do a walk around of the cathedral, light a candle and make a donation before heading on our way.

But I know the girls and I will have a lasting memory of the day we saw the whole of the moon.


Museum of The Moon will be in Rochester Cathedral until 4th March 2020

More information here https://my-moon.org/tour-dates/


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