Kentish Lavender The Hop Shop at Castle Farm, Lullingstone, Kent

I first visited the Lavender fields at The Hop Shop, Lullingstone, Kent, three years ago after hitting Google in search of where I could find a sea of purple as seen on my Instagram feed.

I couldn’t believe my luck that there was actually a lavender farm right under my nose here in Kent, and The Hop Shop at Castle Farm has become one of my favourite summer destinations ever since.

The Hop Shop

The Hop Shop is located in Lullingstone, near Eynsford at Castle farm, in close proximity to Lullingstone country park and Eagle Heights. As you approach, the scene of seas of purple is something quite breathtaking, that gets more amazing each year. A photo doesn’t do it justice and this is something you simply have to experience first hand – the smell is incredible.

Access to the fields is strictly controlled to protect the crops as this is a working farm, however there is a car park and a free to access viewing area which this year has been modified to include a picturesque fence and bench to make the perfect photo opportunity.

If you really want to get deep in the lavender, you can pay to book onto a guided tour, or arrange a photography session with the Hop shop. The weather can’t be predicted of course, but even on a dull day the fields look spectacular. Last year the Mouse and I went without Tigs, as we had to grab a moment before the fields were gone (check the website – it comes around quick!).

Another unique way to experience the lavender is to have an aromatherapy massage, in the field; something I have ALWAYS wanted to do – but be warned these sell out and unless you booked back in February, there’s no chance of a late booking.

Also on site is a gorgeous shop and pack house selling lavender products and local goods – a favourite of mine is the lavender honey and the sleepy tea.  Plus of course we always bring home a bunch of freshly cut lavender that sits in a jug all year long.

As well as the shop there is a coffee shop in the most picturesque setting, somewhere to sit and take it all in.

And of course the farm itself is in the most beautiful surroundings – a place I have captured some of my favourite images of the girls to date.

Lullingstone country park nearby is well worth a visit if you’re heading over, and again some gorgeous country views and photography backdrops can be discovered there.

I know we’ll be continuing to visit Castle Farm for many years to come – it’s a place really special to us as a family and when three year old Tigs saw it for the first time, she was drawing purple lavender fields for months on end. I guess that speaks volumes about what an impact the place had on her too.


If you want to find a lavender field near you, check out the best lavender fields in the UK by fellow blogger Couple Travel The World.

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17 thoughts on “Kentish Lavender The Hop Shop at Castle Farm, Lullingstone, Kent

  1. RainbowsR2Beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo) Reply

    Oh, I love lavender and this is just beautiful! #coolmclub

  2. Louise Reply

    Those lavender fields are so beautiful. I’ve yet to make a visit to a lavender farm although every year I see so many beautiful photos of the lavender fields that makes me want to go to one some day. I love the sound of an aromatherapy massage in the field – sounds blissful! 🙂 #coolmumclub

  3. Tubbs Reply

    Such a shame the blog post doesn’t come with scratch and sniff as I love lavender! What an amazing place to have near you. Our nearest is miles away 🙁

  4. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Can you believe I have never been to a Lavender farm….having serious Lavender envy here! Sending #coolmumclub love and lavender envy xoxo

  5. GirlsGospel Reply

    So many pretty photos 🙂 Thanks for hosting 🙂

  6. Nita Reply

    I don’t live too far away from this, but haven’t been making the most of it like I should! Your pictures have reminded me that this place is beautiful and lavender is divine, I must go! Thanks for sharing #coolmumclub

  7. Annette, 3 Little Buttons Reply

    It looks stunning! I’ve always been in awe of the photos so many bloggers take in fields like these. I wish I had the courage to go, but honey bees leap to mind… and I’m sure you can guess the amount of leaping that happens if any are within earshot. #coolmumclub

  8. raisingbadgers Reply

    Wow! Worth going just for the photos, I’d have thought! #coolmumclub

  9. magicalmamablog Reply

    This place looks like a screen saver! What an incredible thing to have right under your nose! I can only imagine how incredible it is in person! Gorgeous pictures! #CoolMumClub

  10. oldhouseintheshires Reply

    Oh how lovely! I’m going to google where there is a lavender farm near me Now! Have you seen the amazing confetti fields? That’s where I would like to go next summer! #coolmumclub

  11. Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice) Reply

    These are the very best places. So much colour and scent. Very good for the soul. Ages since I went to one in Yorkshire and then Norfolk – very special days out #CoolMumClub

  12. Charlotte Stein Reply

    These photos are divine! Imagine having a massage in such a tranquil beautiful spot as this #coolmumclub

  13. The Queen of Collage Reply

    I can almost smell the lavender just by reading this blog post. #coolmumclub

  14. Emma T Reply

    Ir looks so beautiful. I was surprised at how many lavender farms there are around the place. #coolmumclub

  15. Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS) Reply

    Wow, your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I swear I can smell lavender now. I suppose it makes sense that they have to protect the fields and it’s great they’ve provided a scenic spot for photography. We have a lavender farm not too far away but wevwe never been. Now I feel inspired to visit! #coolmumclub

  16. Sandra Reply

    I am now eager to see if I can find a Lavender farm in Northern Ireland. Have been to one abroad but not here at home.

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