Best of British: 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the kids this summer

I’ll set the scene…it’s the holidays. No school, no nursery, no work. You and some friends have agreed to all hang out with the kids for an amazing day out.  It’s just a simple question of working out what to do. Easy, right?


Errrrrmmmm. *scratches head*

Sound familiar?

Well, here’s a little gem for you. A massive collection of some of the UK’s brilliant blogging community have all put forward their ideas for the perfect summer day out (or in). Pulled together seamlessly by Hatchback, you can pin it, print it, bookmark it, download it and never lack in inspiration ever again.

You can find the guide here: Hatchbacks Guide to 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the kids this summer



Personal favourites of mine are


#23 – Viking bay, Broadstairs. Obviously. My favourite place in the UNIVERSE. By none other than yours truly.

#33 – Peppa Pig World. I wanna go! Thanks Alex, Bump to Baby.

#44 – Swim in the ford at Eynsford. Not too far from me and I can confirm, pond paddling in that area is one of my favourite and simplest joys, Good call Jodie Life with Pink Princesses.

#48 – Howletts Zoo. Another Kent classic. Love their Gorillas! Top Tip Emily and Indiana.


#79 – Scavenger hunts. My girls would LOVE that Talya, Motherhoodreal.

#97 – Strawberry Picking is an ABSOLUTE must Laura, Mummy La La. Just don’t leave it too late or they’ll be past their best!

You cannot fail to be inspired by this collection…check out whats local to you and let the magic begin…




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