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Another Fab Follow Friday for you #coolmumclub. This week, let me introduce you to Fi, otherwise known as the real mum behind ‘A Mum track mind‘. A relative newbie oozing with passion for making her blog (and vlog) a success. Good luck Fi, and don”t forget us when you make the big time! 


Hi there – I’m Fi, Mum to two mini people, Zak aged ten and Sophie who is just three months old.

me I live with my partner Mr.S and also his two sons so we are what you might call a ‘blended family’ although I hate that term – it makes it sound like some sort of soup concoction! So who am I? Well I’m a Mummy and a partner as well as a serial over-thinker, a terrible multi-tasker, a peanut butter addict and utterly obsessed with my dogs, my little fur babies Coco and Charlie. I am also a writer and creator of a blog, A Mum Track Mind – a real labour of love and an insight into what goes on in my head at 3am when I’m doing yet another night feed.

me and zak

So where did my blog come from? Well, I’m currently on maternity leave and sitting on the sofa with a baby permanently attached to my boob has really given me the push I needed to start my blog, A Mum Track Mind. I needed a creative out-let; a way of connecting with other people because, whilst motherhood is magic, it can also be isolating and bone-numbingly repetitive can’t it? Let me explain…you see, I had Zak very young and I felt forced to give up my dreams of becoming an award winning journalist (insert sad violin music here) in order to work my ass off (well ok, I work anyway) in a boringly predictable office job in order to pay the bills. In doing so I’ve missed out on a fair chunk of Zak growing up due to the long working hours and what’s worse is that I’ve also felt creatively imprisoned, slowly going mad over my excel spreadsheets at the same time. I’m sure there are many parents out there nodding along, so many of us our doing the same thing aren’t we.

Anyway, initially I started writing and musing on A Mum Track Mind as an outlet for my creative frustration, never really thinking anyone but my Mum would read it (thanks Mum!). However, something amazing happened. People started to read it and leave comments. Once that happened I was hooked and ever since then, I have thrown myself head first into this crazy, time consuming, sometimes technical, often rewarding world of blogging. Simply put, I love it. It’s a genuine source of pride that people have contacted me to tell me they’ve been moved to tears or laughed out loud by my writing. I’m particularly proud of my post ‘Hyperemesis – Please Don’t Call it Morning Sickness’ which detailed my battle with this terrible illness in pregnancy – I had literally hundreds of women contact me to say they had been comforted by my post whilst they were suffering too. I mean, as a writer, it doesn’t get much better than that. Since then I’ve had over 4000 more readers, my social media pages are rapidly expanding and I’ve been nominated for Blog of the Year and Best Baby Blog in the Mad Blog Awards (still can’t stop ‘whooping ‘every time I say this!)

I’m looking down at my baby girl as I write this and I’m consumed with desire to be here with her whilst she is so little.


I’m lucky enough that I have one full year of maternity leave, hopefully enough time to really go for this blogging thing. I can really see myself blogging and vlogging (yep, I’m on YouTube) full time. The combination of being a Mum to these two wonderful people and expressing myself creatively as a career is the dream for me and I’m going to give it my best shot. So come on over to A Mum Track Mind and let me know how I’m doing and say hello – I’d love to see you there!

Lots of love to MMT for having me ☺

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