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#coolmumclub Thursdays. I love it. Talya definitely loves it. Word on the street is that you guys are loving it too. The feedback we’ve been getting has been making me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy, and I haven’t even hit the Christmas Baileys yet. We’ve created a little community for like minded Mums who just aren’t ready to hang up their #coolmumshoes just yet…Thanks for coming back again and again…and a big hello welcome to any newbies. Pour yourself a drink (whatever your poison), pull up your comfiest chair, we look forward to getting to know you a little better.

#coolmumclub: meet the members series has been a wonderful showcase for some great bloggers so far. This week is no exception, as we say hi to Louise over at Little Hearts big Love. I’m a huge believer in Louise, her blog, and her campaign to raise awareness for congenital heart defects. Read on, and you’ll be right behind her too. If you fancy getting involved by being featured as a guest blogger, drop me an e mail at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com.

My second linked post is 6 months of blogging. It’s gone so quick, yet I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt and how far my little site has come.

Picking a favourite post is often a little tricky with so many to choose from. This week, I didn’t have to even think about it. I must have read it four times and loved it more with every read. Jade, aka The real Military Housewife, had me completely absorbed and quite frankly, cracking up, at her insight into one of the ‘challenges’ of a real military housewife; the inevitable abstinence. If you missed From abstinence to Absinth, do yourself a favour and go and read it – you won’t regret it.

Liz Taylor

My gorge co-host Talya, aka Motherhood: The real deal picked out Someplace strange with ‘I made This! taking pride in your blog‘ as her bestest post.

My Photo

Talya’s linked posts this week are ‘To RT or not to RT that is the question’  and ‘Sound asleep: 5 benefits of using a sleep sack‘. Enjoy her informative and thought provoking posts…

Have a fab week. Hope all you busy Mums don’t get too stressed. It’s Christmas after all – but you already knew that 😉



The first rule of #coolmumclub is, there are NO a few rules.

Link up party virgins, Becky over at cuddle fairy has written a legendary guide on whats what; you can read it here.

  • Join in with up to two posts. All content is welcome; don’t get too hung up on being cool – this isn’t school 😉
  • Coolmumclub runs Thursday 6am to Sunday 11.55 pm
  • If you like it then you should of put a badge on it. (to the tune of Beyonce, obv). !
  • Share some blog love people…we all know the currency of blogging is comments, so pay your way. Share the ones you really dig on twitter, pinterest, facebook, google+.
  • It’s always nice to drop a comment on the hosts post, as a little nod for hosting.
  • Tweet Talya & I a #coolmumclub pointer to @mummuddlingthru & @motherhoodrealI and we will of course retweet you as best as our crazy children permit.
  • We’re not the blog police…use your lovely #pblogger conscience and comment on what you can, I totally know what it’s like when you have one hand and three minutes; come back later if you need to? Bear in mind, the more you give, the more you receive.

You can follow MMT on Twitter (@mummuddlingthru), Bloglovin, Instagram, google+ and Pinterest.

Before you ask, nope, not Facebook…

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10 thoughts on “#coolmumclub Linky week 9

  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Reply

    Thank you for the lovely intro to my blog this week and having me on #coolmumclub: Meet the Members and for hosting 🙂

  2. Robyn Reply

    Ah Christmas Baileys – I’ve read a lot about Christmas this week but that’s the best tip, must get a bottle in 😉

  3. therealmilitaryhousewife Reply

    Oh look, you’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy too! and validated 🙂 Thank you very much for your fabulous words and thank you for providing the platform to be a #coolmum

  4. MMT Reply

    The pleasure is all mine ladies x

  5. Mum in Brum Reply

    Thanks for hosting lovely! Can’t believe you haven’t cracked open the Baileys yet – I’m on Aldi’s Ballycastle 😉

    1. MMT Reply

      Ha ha… Might have to grab a bottle for putting the decs up tonight!! Xx

  6. mand Reply

    Managed to link up. Mad few days. 70links wow!!

    1. mummuddlingthrough Reply

      Best week yet! Thanks for being part of it 🙂

  7. gdevaney87 Reply

    Thanks for having me in the link up!!!! Xx

    1. MMT Reply

      Glad you made it!! X

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