#coolmumclub Linky week 6

Happy Thursday #coolmumclub! I’ve always loved a Thursday…the weekend’s so close you can almost smell it…although gone are the days of getting through one hungover work day / Friday pub lunch until the actual weekend, we still look forward to that Friday feeling and knowing we’ll all be together doing some fun stuff as a family all weekend long. (Oh and we have a date night Friday…can’t remember the last time we did that?!).

It’s been a manic week as always – read all about Dangermouses epic Christening in my linked post this week! Glad to be on the other side of it, with some wonderful memories, photos, and leftover buffet! (Party ring anyone?). Always happy to take home the half eaten jar of pickled onions though, as you’ll find out in my linked post ‘The Love Hate tag’.

Oh, one more thing…over on the blog, we’re stirring up some #coolmumclub interest in a new feature…#coolmumclub: meet the members. Check it out, and if you fancy getting involved by being featured as a guest blogger, drop me an e mail at mummuddlingthrough@gmail.com.

My favourite post from last week was ‘Surviving the stress spikes with sanity intact’ by ‘Complicated Gorgeousness’.  Not only did the post include some hilariously real tips to get through ‘THOSE’ moments as a parent, but it just so happened to have a shirtless image of my fave eye candy aka Jamie Dornan. (Personally favoured in his real Irish accent, scruffy haired style as seen in ‘The Fall’ – although Mr Grey, he’s not so bad…). We were sad he never replied to our tweet…there’s still time!


Thanks for making me chuckle and letting me know I’m not the only one who feels like this way (about Stress, not Jamie!).

Last week,  co-host  Talya over at Motherhood: The real deal. didn’t let us down in generating some #coolmumclub buzz. We had a record breaking 55 posts, which was a proud moment for the #coolmumclub HQ. As the linky grows we are sharing the reading, so you’ll deffo get some love from (at least) one of us. Talya’s linking two posts this week: 15 signs you are actually a granny mum and Skin delicious – the amazing skin benefits of honey. Her fave posts (she chose two that cheeky monkey) from last week were Absolutely Prabulous with 40 life lessons for my kids, and  Pickles and Pords ‘Childish Happiness‘. Great picks, go check them out if you haven’t already.


Happiness is sunshineHappiness is rainHappiness is morningtime;I see your face again.

Have a fabulouso, cool (obviously) weekend you lovely Linkers…

Until next time… Laters x MMT


The first rule of #coolmumclub is, there are NO a few rules.

Link up party virgins, Becky over at cuddle fairy has written a legendary guide on whats what; you can read it here.

  • Join in with up to two posts. All content is welcome; don’t get too hung up on being cool – this isn’t school 😉
  • Coolmumclub runs Thursday 6am to Sunday 11.55 pm
  • If you like it then you should of put a badge on it. (to the tune of Beyonce, obv). !
  • Share some blog love people…we all know the currency of blogging is comments, so pay your way. Share the ones you really dig on twitter, pinterest, facebook, google+.
  • It’s always nice to drop a comment on the hosts post, as a little nod for hosting.
  • Tweet Talya & I a #coolmumclub pointer to @mummuddlingthru & @motherhoodrealI and we will of course retweet you as best as our crazy children permit.
  • We’re not the blog police…use your lovely #pblogger conscience and comment on what you can, I totally know what it’s like when you have one hand and three minutes; come back later if you need to? Bear in mind, the more you give, the more you receive.

You can follow MMT on Twitter (@mummuddlingthru), Bloglovin, Instagram, google+ and Pinterest.

Before you ask, nope, not Facebook…




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9 thoughts on “#coolmumclub Linky week 6

  1. Kyles Reply

    Thank you so much for the shout out. And thanks for hosting xx

  2. Sue @ Home Heart Harmony Reply

    Hey, just discovered your blog and linky via The Mummy Toolbox. Excited to have a browse through the other links. Thanks for hosting! xx

  3. littlebug Reply

    Woop thanks for hosting! 🙂

  4. MMT Reply

    No worries! Great to have you all on board…cool mums have to stick together….it’s a minefield out there 😉 x

  5. absolutely prabulous Reply

    Awww just spotted my mention! So behind. Thanks lovelies.

  6. Mum in Brum Reply

    Thanks for hosting lovely x

  7. maestromummy Reply

    Thanks for hosting! Very excited to be joining the #coolmumclub

  8. Jordanne Lee Reply

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful link up! Excited to join in!


  9. newmummyblogcom Reply

    Thank you for hosting! Sorry I’m a bit late x

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