#coolmumclub Linky #CHRISTMAS (week 11)

So here we are…the last #coolmumclub of 2015. And what a way to finish…last week we had an epic 100 linked posts. It seems you guys get it, as much as I always hoped you would. What started off as just another Linky, has become a united front of Mums (& Dads) who aren’t ready or willing to be dismissed as frumpy old has beens! #COOLMUMS THANK YOU!!!

And also, a massive, public Thank you to Talya – couldn’t have done it without you! *High Five* / *Virtual Christmas Hug*

Talya and I are having a much needed, and well deserved extended rest from the Link up over Chrimbo, and the first week of the new year…we’ll be back on the 14th January…refreshed, raring to go, ready to take #coolmumclub 2016 to the next level…

#coolmumclub: meet the members series this week wraps up 2015 with Min from Single Mum Speaks (@babyorbankrupt). She’s one of my absolute faves…you know, the blogs you pop over to, without even an e mail prompt, tweet or anything. You’ll love her.

My second linked post is the oh-so obvious-has-to-be-done Festive blogpost…Mum Muddling Through Christmas. It’s a little tribute to some of my best and worst bits of the Christmas season, MMT style. Enjoy!


Now as I read through my half (and a few more) of the 100, sorry, did I mention ONE HUNDRED linked posts last week, choosing a favourite was tricky. So so so many brilliant posts – gift ideas, messages about the true meaning of Christmas, funnies, moving posts which really touched me…and then, there it was, right at the 11th hour. The final, 100th post in fact. What could possibly be more perfect than a post about the arrival of a very special baby boy. Now, is there anything more Christmassey  than that? Okay, so this Christmas baby may have had a little more luxury than a stable and a manger, and the birth involved more assistance than that required by Mary herself, but reading the love of a mother for her new baby just melted me. After all, we are all from different walks of life, we all have different styles, voices, perspectives through our blogs…but the thing that unites us? We are all parents. And now, Fi, you are too. Thank you for sharing your journey with us at #coolmumclub…and have a wonderful Christmas with Joshua. x

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My gorge co-host Talya, aka Motherhood: The real deal picked out a Christmas Cracker too…R for Hoppit – The Fairytale of New Parents. Congrats Silly Mummy with your not so silly version of the classic!

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Talya’s linked posts this week are Deck the halls with boughts of holly4 reasons why puzzles rule ok this & every Christmas. It’s a Christmas-tastic selection!

Stick 14th Jan in your diary 😉 Stay safe, be fabulous, ‘and may all you Christmasses be cool… ‘



The first rule of #coolmumclub is, there are NO a few rules.

Link up party virgins, Becky over at cuddle fairy has written a legendary guide on whats what; you can read it here.

  • Join in with up to two posts. All content is welcome; don’t get too hung up on being cool – this isn’t school 😉
  • Coolmumclub runs Thursday 6am to Sunday 11.55 pm
  • If you like it then you should of put a badge on it. (to the tune of Beyonce, obv). !
  • Share some blog love people…we all know the currency of blogging is comments, so pay your way. Share the ones you really dig on twitter, pinterest, facebook, google+.
  • It’s always nice to drop a comment on the hosts post, as a little nod for hosting.
  • Tweet Talya & I a #coolmumclub pointer to @mummuddlingthru & @motherhoodrealI and we will of course retweet you as best as our crazy children permit.
  • We’re not the blog police…use your lovely #pblogger conscience and comment on what you can, I totally know what it’s like when you have one hand and three minutes; come back later if you need to? Bear in mind, the more you give, the more you receive.

You can follow MMT on Twitter (@mummuddlingthru), Bloglovin, Instagram, google+ and Pinterest.

Before you ask, nope, not Facebook…

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8 thoughts on “#coolmumclub Linky #CHRISTMAS (week 11)

  1. Robyn Reply

    Have a terrific break Sarah & Talya, look forward to seeing you in 2016 to read more posts from cool mums and dads!

  2. Anita Cleare (@thinking_parent) Reply

    I am loving the Christmas snowflakes, very festive! Thanks for hosting and HNY!

  3. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    I finally made it to a meeting of the #coolmumclub! Thank you for hosting & for including a link to my linky guide, that’s awesome! Have a very happy Christmas & new year! x

  4. mummyinatutu Reply

    So glad you guys will be getting a break over Christmas. I have loved becoming part of this linky. Merry Christmas all. Love Katie (and the bubba) xx

  5. Mums Monster Map Reply

    Enjoy your break! Look forward to joining in, in the New Year. Thank you! Have a good one! x

  6. min1980 Reply

    Have a well-deserved break and a fab Christmas. The linky keeps on going from strength to strength! And thank you for my shout-out of course! xx

    1. MMT Reply

      It’s certainly taken over my Thursday nights, but that’s no real sacrifice 😉 Happy to give you a bit of airtime, well deserved. See you next year! x

  7. jortiz1978 Reply

    Enjoy your break! Happy holidays!

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