Can Mum be cool?

In my pre-baby days I like to think I had a bit of street cred. An amazing circle of girl friends, a vibrant social life which saw me travel the world and party hard. I could be found most weekends at a gig of a cool band, a bar in London, a festival or just living it up and enjoying my twenties.

I fell pregnant on my 30th birthday which could be an ironic coincidence. As I left my twenties behind and celebrated the future that lay ahead (I’d been TTC nearly a year) I confided in my pals that my biggest fear was losing who I am, and becoming a boring frumpy mum. ‘That’ll never happen!’ Was the general response.

Even though I’m no longer 12, I still pine to be cool. *shame*

In the early days of motherhood I was in an absolute blur and could not even focus on the world outside my bubble. I think that year I tried to keep my pals in my network but inevitably, found it easier to spend my days with the new mums I’d met at baby groups, and weekends enjoy having Mr.G at home.

As I got into the swing of being back at work after my year off I felt so much more like me again, and got out of the leggings and baggy tops, even enjoyed the odd night out.

One day during my lunch break I popped out to pick up some new season clothes. Staring at my reflection in matalan, I had a WTF moment as I saw the person staring back at me trying on wide leg trousers and a smock top. Needless to say I ran out of that shop as fast as my legs could carry me and the next day spent a small fortune in urban outfitters. That was a close one.

Pregnancy number two (and the bad ending of it) saw me forget about entertaining any social life or style status. I pretty much hibernated that winter with my little family and emerged in the spring as a pregnant butterfly ready to move on with my life. Pregnancy, fashion, single friends don’t mix too well, so the year was really spent reconnecting with friends from the past in the same boat as me. Amazing friendships bloomed and my family, as always came first.

Now baby-g is almost 9 months old. I’ve shifted a bit of baby weight. I’ve had a few good nights out (mostly to family parties :-/) but I definitely can no longer handle my drink!

Nights out are no longer impulsive as they require planning to the nth degree which often results in disappointment or excited-drunk-after-two-wines. Not cool.

I rarely get to listen to new music thanks to the Disney CD in the car. But I’ve started to listen to the radio while I cook and turn ceebeebies off.

I don’t think I’ve ever lost my sense of style? But the clothes are more TU at Sainsburys than Topshop.

I find it hard to connect with my single baby free friends who have high flying careers in the city, but I have great friends who get me and love my quirky, sometimes inappropriate sense of humour.

My kids think I’m cool. My gorgeous hubby thinks I’m cool. Some other mums I know, I think, think I’m pretty cool. So I guess like many things in life there’s a hierarchy and maybe I’m comparing myself to others too much.

My coolest friend just announced she’s preggers. I can’t wait to see what happens next 😉

*looks on iPhone for a cool night out picture. Oh there isn’t one *

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