Life on Instagram; An epic lie or the beautiful truth?

I spend a fair bit of time of time on instagram. I can’t deny it. I guess it’s my social media platform of choice, given that I don’t do facebook and I tend to use Twitter as more of a blog post sharing platform. It figures – Instagram is so visual and aesthetically pleasing to scroll through, it’s far too easy to get lost amidst its squares of loveliness.

And then there is my own contribution to the abyss of family images. I am forever snapping, tweaking, assessing, rejecting and sharing my own intimate moments with my young family. I get that some people might find this odd, but in the safety of my own limits (no names, no faces) I love the ability to share a beautiful picture which might make someone else smile.

Many photos get rejected – destined to rot in my photostream, and perhaps up in the cloud forever more. If they are lucky they might make it to an actual physical form, thanks to my obsession with printing my images.

And it’s these kinds of actions which gives Instagram a bit of a bad rep. We all follow the insanely stunning accounts – the ones with whitewash walls, stunning floral displays, the beautifully made up faces and tousled hair. And amongst us, we but show a snippet of our actual lives – the days we are in PJs, watching TV and doing the housework rarely making the cut.

It can be perceived that an Instagram account therefore reflects a fake perception of a person, a family, a life. I have even been dumbfounded when a friend casually mentioned that I seemed to be ‘always doing something epic’ as seen on instagram, back in the summer. As I frowned and shook my head, defensively denying all claims of living an exciting and beautiful life, in the way we do – ‘no, no, we never do anything!’ ‘We haven’t even been abroad this summer’, ‘our days are so boring’ etc etc .

But it got me thinking – and it stayed with me.

Whilst many of the images I share over on my account are taken locally in and around Kent, with the odd exciting mini break thrown into the mix, many of them do have a backdrop of blue or moody skies, autumnal tones, and a general background theme of Nature. Which, in my humble opinion, makes a pretty epic backdrop to any simplistic shot of a child at play, or Mum out on her way.

And why I was so quick to defend any suggestion of my life being rich and fulfilled, with our children being encouraged to play outdoors and embrace the wonder of nature? Because that is absolutely true.

Clearly, on a freezing Tuesday afternoon we are not out hiking in the woods, and in these cold and damp winter months, even we have a preference for cosy days indoors by the fire – and that is reflected in my instagram feed. You can’t fake these things entirely, and boy do I miss the blue skies and bright green shades from the summer. Indoors and insta aren’t the best of pals are they?

WORKTOP BUDDY | It’s been a up all night, walk in doctors, antibiotics, PJs kind day here at HQ, which calls for a spag Bol, red wine, fresh pair of PJs and strictly kinda Saturday night. Loved cooking tea tonight and having a on the counter chat with this one whilst chopping (and nibbling on substantial amounts of red pepper). Reminded me so much of doing this with my own Mum as a kid, subconsciously learning how to cook so many of her signature dishes whilst chewing the fat. (Not literally, obvs). Learnt some huge life lessons right there – much like tonight’s convo ‘Is magic real?’. Sometimes the most special and memorable moments of childhood come in the simplest shapes and sizes❤️ . . . . . . . . . #coolmumclub #thismamaloves #pinklinker #happylittlebuttons #rememberanceday #totsphoto #snaphappybritmums #perfectandproud #parentingtheshitoutoflife #rockingmummylife #tribalchat #instamum #lionessmama

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So whilst we may not choose to snap and share a rainy saturday indoors doing jigsaws on the carpet in the same way we could celebrate a country walk filled with flowers and sunshine, we all choose to fill our squares with the moments we want to remember, in our own style. Some make a huge success in sharing the hilariously real moments of parenting (hello scummy mummies, brummy Mummy of 2, The unmumsy Mum…) but for others not gifted with the gift of the comedy gab, there’s plenty of room for keeping it real under the photo right there in the caption.

So perhaps instagram isn’t the facade it has earnt the reputation of being, perhaps these moments are beautiful truths of our life as parents, and as a family, so why not celebrate them.



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9 thoughts on “Life on Instagram; An epic lie or the beautiful truth?

  1. Wendy Reply

    Definitely think Instagram is a bit of both and, for me, you find all the truth in the captions. A picture may show a beautiful scene but sometimes if you read the caption the person writing it is talking about how they’ve had a rubbish day and they are reminiscing of a better one. I love the beautiful accounts but I also love the ones where people are just keeping it real xx p.s obviously love your feed too #coolmumclub

  2. ettieandme Reply

    I think Instagram has a good mix, I must admit I do follow some beautiful and stylised accounts but i think if thats all I followed I’d get very depressed so I love following real people too! I often put the chaos on IG stories and save the pretty moments for my feed but everyone plays it differently and thats why I think its so popular. You have some lovely photos #coolmumclub

  3. beautybabyandme Reply

    I love your photos on Instagram and you capture family moments so beautifully xx #coolmumclub

  4. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Ahhh I love this. My Instagram tends to be a mix of the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful and I think everyone knows by now what we see on social media is only a snapshot of the whole story – whether it be the beautiful or the ugly side. Sending lots of #coolmumclub love xoxo

  5. oldhouseintheshires Reply

    I’m beginning to love Instagram; I used to hate it. I follow lots of different accounts but I have to admit, I love stylised accounts tbh…’s just the fact that it’s a fantasy. I also love real accounts as I think everyone can then relate to the,. #collmumclub

  6. thesingleswan Reply

    They are absolutely beautiful photos. We definitely post our best photos on instagram and it doesn’t really give a balanced view of our lives. As long as we all recognise this then I don’t think this is a problem. It is merely a beautiful photo album to record wonderful memories and great times. Pen x #coolmumclub

  7. Alice | Letters to my Daughter Reply

    It’s like films… You know that the characters have the mundane bits of their lives going on too. Frodo would stop for a poo and to pick his nose and James Bond must pause to trim his toenails occasionally, but we aren’t particularly interested in those bits. You can’t share every moment on Instagram, and no one wants to see that either, so you’ve got to have some process of filtering. Your photos look beautiful, but anyone with sense will know everything on insta is only a snapshot #coolmumclub

  8. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... Reply

    My photos are mostly family photos, I’d love to take prettier ones but that wouldn’t suit the style of my blog 🙂 Yours look fab! #coolmumclub

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