#CoolMumClub on Instagram November roundup

It’s only the FIRST OF DECEMBER!! That means it’s practically Christmas right?! Well, perhaps not and a good job too because we have a few bits to see to here at HQ before the big day! In fact, whilst I have been busy down at the grotto, and rambling on the blog how everything has gone christmas cray cray, I VERY NEARLY forgot to do the insta round up for our very own #coolmumclub.

Almost but not quite…so without further ado, here is a to the point selection of my fave pics. And, in spirit of ot being the first of December, there is a theme that I cannot and will not apologise for.




Yesterday’s outfit was apparently only complete with a Santa pigtails hat. Funny kid.

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“What do you want for Christmas?” asked Santa. “A blue whale,” replied Kara. Err … 🐳😆

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This is what I get if I ask him to smile 😂😂 Quick trip to the garden centre for a festive fix

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We have lost her to the wonder of the tree.

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Plus one from the partner in crime…

CHRISTMAS COME EARLY – too early for Santa pics? Whatever! Just back from a fantastic time at the @rainforest_cafe Santa Grotto a truly magical experience for any child and I had to wipe a tear away it was so really spesh. Kinda wish it was me sitting next to Santa there lol! ❤️❤️❤️Outfit: @angelandrocket . . . #myfamilyadventures, #Lifecloseup, #LittleFierceOnes,#mydarlingmemory, #happylittlebuttons, #WorldofLittles, #rememberingthesedays, #momentsoverposes, #preciousmoments, #cherishthesemoments, #myhappycapture, #momswithcameras, #clickinmoms, #pixel_kids, #momtographer, #our_everyday_moments, #littlestoriesofmylife, #cameramama, #themagicineveryday, #developinglife, #mycapturedmoment #coolmumclub #letthekids #mymotherhood #acupofmotherhood #christmas2017 #perfectandproud #writeyouonmyheart #enchantedchildhood #mummyshot

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And, last but least, from me and mine…

May your month be merry and bright #coolmumclub – tag us in, we want to share it ALL! xxx

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